40 Night Comfort Guarantee

We really hope you're happy with your new mattress. In the unfortunate event that you are not, we are happy to provide the opportunity of our comfort guarantee to ensure you find the perfect mattress for you.

Our 40 Night Comfort Guarantee service:

40 Night Comfort Guarantee

If you're not happy with your mattress within 40 nights, we'll exchange it.


We will provide you with a green bag to seal your old mattress in prior to delivery.

Free collection and delivery to your room of choice

All deliveries will be to your room of choice, unless you prefer a delivery to your doorstep.

Monday - Saturday delivery

We offer delivery Monday to Saturday from 7am-6pm.

What happens if my mattress is uncomfortable?

We offer our Comfort Guarantee which allows for the replacement of a mattress if you find your original purchase to be of the wrong comfort level for you. Our Comfort Guarantee is valid on all mattresses over £249 retail price.

Mattress movement is normal. You most likely sleep in the same position every night and it's normal for your mattress to adapt to the contours of your body. It will settle in pressure point areas and this simply means that the fillings are doing the job they're designed to do - supporting you where you need it most. As part of our Sleep and Snooze 40 Night Comfort Guarantee, if between 30 and 40 nights of use you're not satisfied with the comfort of your mattress, we'll exchange it for an alternative mattress in the same size (full terms and conditions can be viewed here).

Comfort Guarantee terms & conditions

An exchange can only be requested after 30 nights of use have elapsed. We insist on 30 nights use, as it can take this long for your body to adjust to your new bed and for the fillings to settle.

If you decide your choice of mattress is proving uncomfortable, you may re-select to an alternative mattress of the same size.

In the event that a higher priced alternative is selected, then any difference in price must be paid at the time of re-selection. If a lower priced alternative is selected, we will refund the difference.

Collection and re-delivery is free of charge, and you can only exchange your mattress once under the guarantee.

All we ask is that the original mattress must be kept in good condition (not marked, mis-used or soiled in any way) so we insist on the use of a mattress protector.

How to arrange an exchange

Once you have found a new mattress that would be more suitable for you, you will need to contact our customer services team with your order details and the name of the new mattress you would like to exchange to. We'll then be able to arrange a date for the exchange to take place.

Customer services can be contacted here.

How to prepare for an exchange

To make sure we can make the exchange as safely and quickly as possible, we will ask you to wrap and seal your current mattress in the bag we will send out to you in advance by Royal Mail.

If you do not receive your bag within 72 hours of your exchange date, please get in touch with our customer services team, who will arrange for another one to be sent and will advise you of your other options. The delivery team will carry spare bags in their van just in case the bag does not arrive in time.

Super-king (6-feet wide) mattresses will not be entirely covered by the bag. To wrap these, please slit the side of the bag and seal it with sticky tape on the protruding edge.

As the bagging requirement is one of the health and safety measures we have put in place in response to Covid, if the mattress to be collected is not wrapped and sealed with the sticky tape ready for the arrival of the delivery team, we regret that we will not be able to proceed with the exchange.