How to Fix a Squeaky Metal Bed Frame

If your metal bed frame is singing you a squeaky lullaby every time you turn over, you’re in luck: we’ve got some solutions for how to fix your squeaky metal frame in just a few steps. We’ll also explore the main cause of the noise and the tools you’ll need to stop it.

What you’ll need before you start…

Stopping a squeaky bed frame is not as hard as you may think. You need to only make a few adjustments to your frame, and you will have no more irritating noise! And you can do this with a few basic tools such as a wrench and screwdriver. Plus, everyday household items such as cooking oil or butter. Or spray lubricant such as WD-40.

4 Steps to Stop a Squeaky Metal Bed Frame

Let’s look at how you can DIY…



Step 1: Locate the squeaky area

First, get in your bed and have somebody else move the metal frame around. Have them check where it is squeaking, and then narrow down the exact location of the squeak. You may need extra help with this step because sometimes, you cannot see where something squeaks without feeling it.



Step 2: Tighten up any loose joints

The most common reason a metal bed frame squeaks are wobbly legs. Loose bolts and rusty screws can be a significant problem here. Try tightening all the bolts up with a wrench, and it will help reduce noise. You can purchase a wrench from hardware stores at low costs if you don't already own one. Any seriously rusty old screws will need replacing, so you’ll need new screws and a screwdriver to remove and replace each of them.



Step 3: Oil the joints

Next, look for items in your home that you can utilise in the repair, such as cooking oil or WD-40. If you can’t find a spray-on lubricant, use butter, soap, wax or margarine instead. Getting enough of it into hard-to-reach areas is essential regardless of which lubricant you use. When applying, make sure to cover all the joints and hinges of your metal bed frame. A little lubrication will do the trick!



Step 4: Add padding between the frame and mattress

Sometimes, the squeaks may be coming from the friction between your metal bed frame and mattress fabric. This is quite common for individuals who toss and turn a lot throughout the night. You can add a layer of material between the metal and mattress to fix this problem using bedsheets - this is the cheapest solution. However, if you’re not on a budget, you can invest in foam bedding padding.

What causes a metal bed frame to squeak?

A noisy metal bed usually happens for two reasons: metal frame problems and a problem with the mattress. The creaks, groans, and other noises that a bed makes can cause restless nights. And getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging - especially if you’re a light sleeper. So, make sure you follow our DIY steps above before you decide it's time to buy a new bed frame.

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