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Our sofa beds are designed with comfort and functionality, combining two pieces of furniture into one to create the perfect sit or sleep solution. When choosing one there are a few different types you should consider - our range includes a variety of styles, mechanisms, and of course, size! Whilst they have been made to maximise your living space, small bedrooms, studio apartments, or guest room - of course, you’ll still need a little bit of space.

You may be wondering 'what should I look for in a sofa bed?' In this sofa bed buying guide, we will help you find your ideal sleeper sofa and talk to you about each style in our range. Continue to read on as we share our valuable knowledge and expertise on each type of sleeper sofa.

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How to Choose Your Ideal Sofa Bed

Here we will guide you through everything you need to consider when shopping for your best bed sofa.

Space and Size

When buying a sofa bed, keep in mind the space in which it will be used. You’ll need to make sure there's enough area for your sofa to convert into a bed. If your sofa bed is for everyday use, it’s a good idea to leave enough free floor space for you, or your guests to move around the room with ease - even when the bed is folded out. So, how do you measure your room?

  • Firstly, you will need a tape measure.
  • Next, measure the length, width, and height of the intended space.
  • Remember, to measure door frames and around windows to ensure they will fit through.
  • Allow for a little extra space for different types of mechanisms. Pull-out sofa beds will require additional space in the front, while easy clic-clac mechanisms will require space in the back to transform the sofa into a sleeping area.

Once you know how big or small your room is, you can compare the dimensions with the individual sofa bed measurements found on each product page. For more sofa bed size help, check out our bedroom measuring guide.

Different Types of Sofa Beds - Sizes and Storage




If you have a spacious room, a three-seater sofa bed will be fantastic. During the day, you'll have a bigger seating area to relax. And at night, space to sleep for two people, just like a small double bed. However, make sure you check each product, as some only sleep one person.




When space is limited in bedrooms or small apartments, a two-seater sofa bed will do the trick for one person. It's the perfect space-saving solution as it does not take up much floor area, being a similar size to a single bed. In the day once the bed is folded away, you can enjoy watching TV on the sofa still with plenty of room to stretch your legs.




A modern and practical style of sofa bed, ideal for living rooms, is our corner sofa bed collection. They are great for living areas as they maximise space. You can place them directly into the corner of the room against your wall leaving plenty of leeway to move around.




If you're looking to save extra space, you can shop our storage solution sofa beds. With ottoman styles, not only can they pack away a bed but also other household items such as books, bedding, and clothing. Whilst living in a small space, you'll need as much storage as possible, it'll definitely come in useful.



Bed in a Box

When packed away this is our smallest sofa bed option, and it sleeps one person. This is the optimal guest bedroom sleep solution. When guests aren't staying over, it doesn’t take up much space being just a compact box. This means you'll be able to use your spare bedroom for other purposes such as an office or even a home gym.

Sofa Bed Mechanisms

There are three main types of mechanisms to learn about when buying a sofa bed - let's explore the different types next in this guide next...



Clic-clac sofa beds are the most simplistic design. With no armrests, the backrest drops down to create a level sleeping surface. They are extremely easy to assemble from a sofa to a bed. And don’t take up much room either, making them superb for multipurpose spare rooms.



With a pull-out mechanism the bed is lifted from the base of the sofa and then pulled out from the front. The back of the sofa stays static making them great if you want to place them against a wall in a living room.


3-fold and pull-out

This type of sofa mechanism is quick and easy. They are handy when you have guests staying over because the mattress simply pulls out from underneath the cushions to create a comfy bed in no time at all.

Finding Your Perfect Style, Colour, and Fabric

Finding a sofa bed to match your interior design really all depends on the style of your room and the colour scheme. Next in the sofa bed guide we'll talk you through some basic style tips to help you choose.

Our range consists of a variety of stylish and modern designs that will look amazing in all living spaces and bedrooms. The best colour for everyday use is our grey sofa beds. Grey is versatile and will complement almost any colour scheme. You can find grey styles in soft-touch woven fabrics, making a relaxed sit and sleep area.

To make a dramatic and bold design statement, look out for our black and blue velvet sofa beds. These colours are rich and will stand out contrasted against opposite colours. There are also fun and bright coloured sofa beds to choose from such as orange and pink! These will bring an element of modernity and beautifully bright style to a room. A colour blocking technique where you pair accessories and room decor with one or two more bold colours will look amazing with these. For more design advice, learn how to create a cosy guest bedroom.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Next, we will guide you through some basic care tips. Just like all furniture, sofa beds will start to show signs of wear and tear over time. To allow you to relax, sleep, and sit comfortably for longer, follow our simple ways you can add protection to your new sofa and bed.


Add arm caps and scatter cushions for an extra layer of protection.


Regularly plump the sofa cushions to keep them in good shape


Avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight - this can fade the colour.


If liquid is split on the fabric, remove with a dry cloth and then clean with a damp cloth.


Don't use any cleaning products without reading the label of the sofa bed and product.

Health and Safety Advice

Lifting and moving sleeper sofas and furniture can be very dangerous if it's not done correctly. There are a few protocols you should follow when lifting any item, no matter the weight. To learn how to lift safely and minimise the risk of causing harm - visit the NHS website. They will provide expert safety instructions. And remember, this advice does not just apply to lifting a sofa bed but all items.

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable

Rest assured, our sofa beds will provide comfy seating and a sleeping area for you to enjoy, or your guests. They are a good idea when you need an extra sleeping solution but just don't have enough room. They have been carefully crafted with sofa and mattress technology to make sure the 2-in-1 solution, is multi-functional yet, comfortable.

There are a few simple ways you can make your sofa bed cosier. When using it as a sofa, you could add some decorative scatter cushions and a throw. When transformed into a bed, make sure you have a warm, thick duvet in the winter. In the summer, you’ll be best choosing a duvet with a low tog rating to keep you cool. Everyone has different preferences, so make sure you dress the sofa bed to suit you, or your guests.

If you need some more sofa bed or other space saving beds help and advice, you can talk to one of our friendly team members. Get in touch with us here. We are always happy to help.

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