How High Should Your Bed Be?

Bed height is a determining factor in your quality of sleep, bedroom design, and health and wellbeing. Therefore, it's important you find the ideal height to set up your personal sleeping space.

Whether you have a single, small double, double, or even, king-size bed – no matter the surface area of your bed, here, we will help you find the right height for you.

The Ideal Bed Height

Sleep experts say the ideal bed height is around 25 inches, including your mattress. But, this varies from person to person. It's highly dependent on your height and age. Even though the standard height of beds is around 25 inches off the floor, it can vary from 18-36 inches as you start to explore the different types of beds.

Storage beds such as ottoman and divan styles are typically classed as high bed frames measuring 25-30 inches tall. And low bed frames such as platform beds measure around 20 inches or less.


Measuring Your Bed - is it too High or Low?

Simply, measure from the top of your mattress to the floor to find out your current measurement. If you're worried your bed isn't the appropriate height - sit on the bed and notice where your feet fall and the angle of your knees. Your knees should be at a 90º angle and your feet should touch the floor.

"My feet don't reach the floor" - Your bed is probably too tall.

"My knees aren't at a 90º angle" - Your bed may be too short.

Choosing the Best Bed Height

There are six key things to consider when it comes to choosing the best height:

Your Height

As mentioned frequently throughout this guide, height matters! Make sure to follow the instructions above to find out if your current bed and mattress set is at a good height for you.

Your Age

As you start to grow older, naturally, your joints become weaker and your mobility decreases. If this sounds like you, choose a standard bed height of around 25 inches to take the pressure off your joints getting in and out of bed in the mornings.

Mattress Height

Don’t forget to add your mattress height into the equation, it will influence how high your bed should be off the ground. Mattresses are made from a range of materials and come in a variety of heights - take note of this when shopping. Mattress toppers can also give your bed more height, which is something else to consider.

Your Sleeping Partner

It can be difficult to choose your ideal height when you and your partner are at different heights. If this is the case, meet them halfway and find a bed measurement in the middle of you both.

Bedroom Interior Design

If you want to create a specific bedroom aesthetic, bed height is a significant consideration. A high frame bed can give a room regal and elegant vibes. Whereas standard beds look more traditional. For a contemporary style, choose a low bed frame. This will look modern being so sleek and low to the floor.


You shouldn't have to strain your body to get out of a bed that's too low to the floor. And you shouldn't have to battle to get into a bed that's too high. Comfort comes down to personal preference and it's ever so important to get right as being uncomfortable will damage your quality of sleep.

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