How To Choose A Divan Bed

Divan beds are made up of two main parts, a divan bed base and a mattress. The difference between divan beds and other beds is that divans take up less space. That’s because the frames have the same dimensions, width and length as the mattress. Simply, there's no exterior frame. In this guide, we will explore divan storage, size, cost and more.

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What type of storage comes with a divan bed?

One of the key benefits of purchasing a divan bed is its built-in storage. Divans feature easy to access drawers within the frame to offer an ideal bedroom storage solution. This will allow you to keep your room clutter-free and tidy, creating a clean and calm space ready for sleep.

Divans are different from ottoman beds when it comes to storage. With an ottoman, the mattress lifts up to reveal the storage underneath whereas divans offer either 2 or 4 drawer storage options. This allows you to select which type will best fit in your bedroom taking into account your other furniture and the size of your bedroom.

How much storage is available?

The storage space available will depend on whether you opt for a 2 or 4 drawer divan bed. Storage availability also depends on what you decide to store underneath your bed. Whatever you choose, there'll likely be plenty of space for linen, towels, clothing or even shoes. Divan beds are a great storage solution in any bedroom.

How easy are divans to put together?

When following self-assembly instructions, divan beds are straightforward and stress-free to assemble. Typically, the drawers that are featured within the divan base are placed on preinstalled rollers, allowing you to simply place them underneath the bed with ease. If you’d like more information on our delivery and setup options, contact us today.

What to consider when choosing a divan bed

When it comes to selecting which divan bed will best work for you and your sleeping space, there are three key elements to consider; size, style and cost.


Divan beds are a great way to maximise the space in your room, no matter which size of bed you decide to buy. Due to the bed frame being the same width and length as the mattress, there’s no loss of space around the perimeter of the bed. The built-in drawers offering ideal storage solutions will also allow you to have less furniture in your room. Therefore you may be able to purchase an even bigger bed.


When selecting your new divan bed frame from our diverse range of divan beds, you will want to consider the style and decor of your bedroom. Colour isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to style, but the fabric and material of the bed frame too. Whatever you’re searching for, we’re sure we’ll have the divan bed to suit you.


The cost of divan beds varies due to size, material type and whether or not you’re opting for a base only bed. Generally, divan beds are one of the most cost-effective options when it comes to purchasing storage beds. Our selection of divans are great value for money as well as being high-quality and long-lasting. With a little maintenance and care, these beds are a great investment for the long run.

Other factors to help you find the perfect divan:

When it comes to selecting which divan bed is going to work best for you and your bedroom, there a few more factors you may want to consider.

Glides and castors

Glides or castors are attached to the bottom of not just divan beds but all furniture. Selecting gliders or castors will depend on what type of flooring you have and what function you want from your divan bed. Glides are lightweight flat feet that provide stability, ensuring the bed doesn’t move out of place, even on hardwood flooring. Castors are wheel components that allow for easy movement of the divan bed. This can be great for moving the bed to clean underneath for example.

Divan headboards

When selecting from our range of divan beds, you may want to consider not only the storage options and mattress type, but the headboard too. Divan headboards come in all different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. If you enjoy sitting in bed reading or watching TV, perhaps you’ll want to pick a divan with a headboard that will support those sleepy slow Sundays.

Getting your divan into place

Before ordering a divan bed, it is important to measure your bedroom taking into account other furniture in the room so you can ensure the bed frame will fit, even when the drawers are open.

You will also want to make sure you have a plan for getting the divan into the bedroom, ensuring there is access from the outside, right into the desired room. Some of our divan beds come in 2 parts however, some of our options are full piece and so it is important to check these details when ordering.


Divan beds are a great selection when it comes to choosing a new bedframe. With their built-in under the bed drawers, you can be at ease that your storage needs are taken care of. Divan beds are straightforward to assemble and come in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure that you can pick the perfect divan for your dreamy sleeping space.

If you’d like to find out more information about divan beds or other space saving beds, contact our helpful team today.