How To Choose An Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds are a type of storage bed. They differ from divan beds as the whole mattress base lifts to reveal the storage space underneath. With divans, storage is accessed through drawers in the bed base.

If you’re looking for a discreet storage solution in your bedroom to keep it clutter-free, an ottoman bed is an ideal choice. In the guide, we will explore how ottoman beds work as well as what to consider when selecting the right ottoman bed for you.

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How do ottomans work?

Access to storage space is a key principle of any ottoman bed. Although they appear to look like a normal bed, ottomans provide a hollow space underneath the bed allowing you to store many of your belongings. This space is accessible by simply lifting one end of the mattress. Because of the gas-lift hydraulic mechanism system that’s built in place, ottoman beds can be positioned against a wall, in an alcove or even between other bedroom furniture.

How do ottoman gas-lift hydraulics work?

Ottoman beds open from either the end of the bed or the side. Two gas-lift hydraulics act as hinges that allow the mattress to pivot into the air at a forty-five-degree angle. This mechanism allows you to lift the mattress with ease to access the storage space underneath. Ottoman beds are ideal for anyone at any age, however, they’re especially great for those with limited movement or back pain as there’s no need to lift anything heavy or bend down to pull out a drawer.

What to consider when choosing an ottoman

Storage is not the only consideration to bear in mind when it comes to choosing an ottoman bed. You’ll also want to think about what size bed is right for you, what style of ottoman will work best in your sleep space, and if you’re on a budget, you may want to factor in the cost too.


Because ottomans have plenty of storage space underneath, it can mean that you require less furniture in your bedroom resulting in the option to purchase a bigger bed frame. If you have a smaller sized bedroom, an ottoman bed can be a great space saver allowing you to utilize extra storage whilst enjoy maximum comfort.


The storage space underneath an ottoman bed will vary depending on what size bed frame you select. If you choose a double ottoman over a single, you will have almost double the storage space. The storage space will also depend on what you intend to store underneath. The base of ottomans provide ample space for a variety of items, however, if you’re looking for a lot of extra storage and you have a bigger sized bedroom, you may want to consider purchasing a king size ottoman.


Ottoman beds come in a variety of styles. When selecting the style of bed frame that will work best in your bedroom, you’ll want to consider material, colour, as well as design. Depending on the look and feel you’ll want to achieve in your sleeping space, take into consideration neutral tones, upholstered versus metal or wooden frames as well as patterns and textures.


The cost of an ottoman bed will depend on a variety of factors such as what material the bed frame is made from and which bed you have selected. Because of the ample storage space underneath an ottoman bed, selecting ottomans could mean that you save money due to not having to purchase other bedroom furniture like chests of drawers. Remember to factor in delivery cost when budgeting for your new ottoman bed.

What can you store in an ottoman bed?

Ottoman beds offer a lot of freedom when it comes to storage space. Unlike drawers that roll out from under the bed, ottomans have hinges that lift the mattress for easy access to storage space. Depending on the type of ottoman you opt for, that space is usually hollow allowing you to store small or large items.

  • Out of season clothes:

    If you’re one for vacuuming packing your out of season clothes to keep them protected for the following year, ottomans are a great choice. The storage space will allow you to neatly and safely stash away your items until the season comes around again.

  • Spare bedding and throws:

    Bedding, towels, and extra pillows or blankets can often be quite space-consuming, especially in a wardrobe or drawers. Ottomans with their large hollow storage space take away the stress of storing extra linen and throws, especially in warmer months when they’re not needed.

  • Shoes:

    Perhaps you even have so many shoes you’re running out of places to put them. Rather than storing your shoes on an unsightly shoe rack, why not store them out of sight underneath the mattress. Everyone has a pair of shoes only worn on special occasions. Why allow them to take up vital space in the cupboard when they can be out of sight out of mind in your ottoman.

  • Spare bags and accessories:

    Sports bags, handbags, luggage or even winter hats and gloves. Travel items and accessories can often take up a lot of space in limited bedroom furniture available like chests of drawers or wardrobes. Ottoman beds can be the ideal choice to make more space in your cupboards without taking up extra floorspace in the bedroom.


So, whether you’re in desperate need of extra storage or just simply want the added option for the future, ottomans are great a great space-saving and storage option in any bedroom. No matter the style or size of your bedroom, our ottoman beds will provide you with the storage solution you need.

Comfort and quality are never sacrificed with our ottoman beds, even with all that extra space. If you have any questions about our range of ottomans, contact us today.