Leather Beds

A faux leather bed and frame is perfect for busy households on a budget that don't want to sacrifice style for practicality. The material is easily maintained and looks amazing! Browse our collection of leather bedroom furniture below in a range of space-saving storage options and sizes.

What are Faux Leather Bed Frames?

Our faux leather bedframes are designed to add an extra element of style to your bedroom whilst still providing superlative comfort. Combining style, comfort and durability, our leather bed frames will give you long-lasting quality and performance.

A modern faux leather bed is manufactured with a fabric base. To give it that real leather look, it is carefully treated. This process has minimal impact to the environment compared to real leather. As the material is synthetic, the process causes no harm to animals and costs much less. Yet, you are still able to have the added luxury of a warm leather bed aesthetic in your bedroom.

Check out our faux leather bed guide for more information.

What are the Benefits of Faux Leather Beds?

The most rewarding benefit of a faux leather bed is the aspect of class it can add to any bedroom aesthetic. A white leather bed adds bright modernisation to a room. Whilst a black leather bed can add a sophisticated dark ambience. No matter what colour and size you choose, a leather bed will make a bold statement.

The materials that makes up a faux leather bed are high quality and natural. If you are conscious of the environment and live an eco-friendly lifestyle, this modern range is perfect for you.

What Sizes Are Faux Leather Beds Available In?

Our faux leather beds are available in sizes single, double, and king. The collection has been designed to suit all bedroom sizes.

Within our collection you will find our sophisticated Lawlor Faux Leather Ottoman Bedframe. Being sleek and stylish, the smooth silhouette upholstered in black faux leather looks modern and elegant in a minimalist bedroom. Available in single, double and king size.

Faux Leather Bed Frame Styles

Within our range of faux leather beds there are a few different styles to choose from.

Ottoman Faux Leather Beds

An ottoman bed provides fantastic storage capabilities. If you’re someone who loves their bedroom to be free of clutter, this is a great choice for you. As the base lifts, you can conveniently store items such as bedding, clothes and books. For maximum storage opt for a king size faux leather bed.

You can find a black faux leather ottoman bed in sizes single, double and king. Add our Grenham Faux Leather Ottoman Bedframe to your bedroom for a contemporary look.

Faux Leather Drawer Beds

Our faux leather drawer beds are also great for storage space. They feature two underbed drawers either side of the bed. If you’re sharing your bed with your partner, you can have one each! Each drawer can be filled with clothing, towels and bedding to keep your home de-cluttered.

You can find a black faux leather drawer bed in sizes single, double and king. Add our Worley Faux Leather Drawer Bedframe to your bedroom for an added rich opulence.

Sprung Slats

When browsing our luxury range of value faux leather bedframes, look out for the added feature of sprung slats. Sprung slats bring shock absorption to your mattress. Instead of having a solid base, it brings more flexibility making your sleep more comfortable. Sprung slats also maintain a great airflow. Therefore, they bring a whole host of benefits to your bed.

Choosing Value Faux Leather Bed Frames to Suit Your Budget

Luxurious style does not have to cost a fortune. Our collection of faux leather beds has been designed with value in mind. Ensuring they are affordable to anybody on a tight budget, all our leather beds are made with faux leather. Prices range from £179 (single size) to £499 (king size). We also offer free and fast home delivery on all orders!