Your Guide To Small Double Beds

Our space-saving beds, such as small double bed frames, are ideal for solo sleepers who live in small apartments, couples staying over in guest rooms, and even children through to teens' bedrooms. Any room short of space can benefit from them as queens are only 4ft wide and 6ft 3in long. And some styles even come with extra storage options.

If you’re looking to buy an affordable bed for your home, here in our guide we will help you decide why a queen bed is the best option for you or your children.

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The Difference Between Small Double and Double

1. Size

A small double compared to a double is slightly narrower. Both of which can sleep two people but with a queen you'll save more floor space. They're ideal to fit in compact areas and if you require more sleeping surface area than a single but don't have enough room for a double option.

If you're unsure if one will fit into your bedroom space, make sure to read our bedroom measuring guide. And don't forget our mattress size guide. It will help you understand the size difference in more detail.

2. Price

Another notable difference is price. If you're on a budget, you can save money by opting for the smaller option. It will still provide you with a comfortable night's sleep! You may want to consider a queen if you're a first-time buyer, landlord, or have a big family with many teenagers to buy a bed for.

Who are Small Doubles Suitable for?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there's a practical option for everyone.

Solo Sleepers

Adults that live alone in small living spaces, studio apartments, or flats can enjoy the comfort of a three-quarter bed without their space feeling overwhelmed with furniture. You may want to consider a storage option such as our queen 4 drawer divan base. This will provide you with extra space to store your clothes, shoes, and bedding.


You may be wondering if they can comfortably sleep two people and the answer is simple, yes they can. Couples buying their first home can benefit from a budget-friendly small double, as well as anyone looking for the perfect guest bed for their spare bedroom. Are you a couple looking for bed inspiration? Take a look at our stylish Grenham faux leather ottoman bed frame in small double.


A popular choice for teenagers who have outgrown their single bed, a small double is great for a teen's bedroom. Young teenagers, as you may know as a parent, grow so quickly and may require some extra space to stretch their legs. For teenage boys or girls shop our sturdy Jordan metal bed frame in small double size. Its strong frame will last throughout their teenage years. It comes in both black and grey to match all bedroom colour schemes.

Toddlers and Young Kids

If your toddler is transitioning from a cot to their first big bed in the long run you could save a lot of money going straight to a small double, rather than buying a single first. You may be thinking a queen is way too big for a young child, but it will give them plenty of room to move around and grow. Shop our 2 drawer divan base in small double, you can use the handy storage drawers to put away toys.

Small Double Mattress Advice

Once you've chosen your bed frame, you'll need a small double mattress to fit. From memory foam to pocket spring to hybrid to traditional spring mattresses, there is one to suit everyone's sleeping requirements. Find out which mattress is best for your sleeping position. And to learn about each individual type of mattress, visit our guide's hub.

Small Double Bedding Guide

You may be wondering what size bedding to buy for a small double? We recommend buying double-sized bedding. Choose a fitted sheet, even though they will be slightly larger, you can tuck the access material under the mattress. And also a double duvet and bedding, it will fall neatly over the bed's ends, giving it a sleek aesthetic.


With each type of small double bed comes different assembly instructions. There is no one size fits all, unfortunately. But don't worry, when your new bed is delivered it will come with a manual that will explain how to put it together. If you would like to know the assembly instructions before your bed arrives, visit each product page. For most styles, here you can download them.

If we haven't answered your questions in this guide, you can always contact us with any more questions. And if you're looking for some bedroom design advice, make sure you visit our Snooze Hub where we'll help you decorate your bedroom.

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