Space Saving Beds

When space is limited in children's box rooms, spare guest rooms, and compact studio apartments, you'll need a space saver bed to ensure you're making the most out of your floor space! From single and small double storage beds such as ottomans and divans to air beds to sofa beds - shop our full range below.

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Air beds Ideal for impromptu sleepovers, air beds blow up and deflate easily.
Divan beds Simple bed bases often on wheels with storage. Headboards can be added.
Leather beds Upholstered bed frames in smooth, sleek faux leather.
Ottoman beds Lifting easily from the base, ottomans offer a roomy storage compartment.
TV beds Modern frames with built-in TVs at the foot end. Rise and lower with a remote.
Upholstered beds Tactile bed frames wrapped in fabric, often padded for comfort.
Sofa beds Sofa beds
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Space Saving Beds for Small Rooms

We have a full range of space saving bed frame styles and sizes at the most affordable prices. These include storage beds such as divan bed frames and ottoman bed frames, and TV beds. They are all suitable for both children and adults.

Space Saving Single Beds

A single bed is the perfect space saving solution for narrow bedrooms. Being 6 feet long and 3 inches wide, they'll squeeze into a children's or teens room and leave space for them to move around and play.

A single storage option makes the ideal space-saving kids' bed as a divan will allow you to store toys in the spacious drawers built into the bed frame. Or, for optimum space efficiency, there are ottoman styles. Simply lift the mattress and use the entire space under the mattress to de-clutter your bedroom.

Space Saving Small Double Beds

A small double will allow you to save on space as they only measures 4ft wide and 6ft 3in long. They are great for teens and adults who need to use their bedroom for a dual purpose such as a sleep space and home office. They are big enough for a comfortable night's sleep, yet allow you to save room for other pieces of furniture such as a desk and chair.

Space Saving Double Beds

If you sleep in a couple in a small bedroom, you may need a space efficient double bed frame. Measuring just 6 inches wide and 6ft 3 inches long they allow for free floor space in master bedrooms.

If you choose a double storage option, it will save you from having to invest in other bedroom furniture such as a chest of drawers as you can use the under-bed storage. You can even shop for double TV beds – you won't have to worry about finding a place to home your TV as it will live at the foot end of your bed.

Space Saving Beds for Guest Rooms

Space-saving sofa beds make the ideal guest bed, as you can use them for both a comfortable sleeping solution and a seating area. Or, if you don't have enough space to home a sofa bed, you can choose an air bed. They are fantastic if you don't have guests come over to stay regularly, they won't waste any floor space when they are not in use.