The Essential Guide To Metal Beds

When it comes to choosing from our diverse range of metal beds, there’s more to think about than simply the style of the frame. In this guide, we’ll explore cleaning and maintenance, size, cost and much more.

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Are metal beds sturdy and safe?

Metal bed frames are incredibly strong, tough and solid. Due to their material, they are very durable and can withstand a lot of weight. On top of this, metal beds have rounded edges to avoid any sharp edges. This means they are completely safe to sleep on, allowing you to get some care-free rest each night. The sturdiness of the material also means that metal beds are long-lasting and therefore won’t deteriorate over time.

Do they make a lot of noise?

When set up correctly, metal bed frames make no more noise than wooden or upholstered frames. Sometimes, metal bed frames can occasionally squeak. This can be due to metal on metal connection points. If your metal bed frame begins to squeak, it's easy to replace any metal washers with rubber ones to minimize any unwanted noise.

How difficult is it to set up a metal bed frame?

Metal beds are lightweight and easy to move around. This helps to make metal bed frames convenient and stress-free to assemble. Most metal bed frames consist of 4 legs, perimeter rails, slats to support the mattress, a headboard and a footboard. When following our self-assembly instructions, metal bed frames are straight forward to construct.

How to look after a metal bed

If you’re looking for a bed frame that is low maintenance and easy to care for, metal bed frames are the perfect option. The material is easy to wipe clean and isn’t easily damaged compared to fabric bed frames.

Looking after a metal bed very much depends on what type of material the metal frame is. It is important to be aware of the type of metal of your bed frame to prevent any rusting. Overall, with a small amount of care, metal bed frames will stand the test of time.

How to pair a metal bed with on-trend bedroom themes

Metal bed frames can work well in any room whether you’re looking for a minimalist look or something more towards neoclassical. Our metal beds come in a range of sleek colours, offering a flawless design, adding a simplistic yet impactful tone and feel to any bedroom.

Minimalistic & clean

If your bedroom has a minimalistic style, a metal bed frame will pair perfectly, adding a clean and elegant look and feel to the room. Our range of metal bed frames come in a variety of monochromatic colours and designs so you are able to select the bed frame which best suits your minimalist and modern interior.


Neoclassical interior design is centred around infusing modern designs with classic and antique decor. Pairing ornate metalwork with chesterfield chairs or rustic oak wardrobes assists with achieving this aesthetic. Our elegant, luxurious and timeless metal frames offer clean lines, a modern appearance and a high-quality display in any bedroom.

Mix and match metals

A growing trend of mixing and matching metals within interior design is becoming increasingly popular due to a variety of metals often adding depth and elegance to any space.

Whether you’re looking for warm metals, cool or neutral metals, our metal bed frames will pair perfectly against other metal furniture, transforming your bedroom into a clean and calm sleeping space.

What else is there to consider when choosing a metal bed?

Aside from sturdiness, maintenance and style, there are a few more factors to consider when purchasing a metal bed frame. Below we explore size, storage, cost and more.


When it comes to purchasing the correct size metal bed frame, the size of the bed frame will very much depend on age, height and whether you’ll be sharing your bed with a sleeping partner.

Single metal bed frames are great for kids, teens and adults who don’t share a bed with a partner. Depending on the person, single beds can sometimes feel slightly too small and so in this case, small double metal bed frames are ideal.

If you’re a couple, a double metal bed frame would make a great fit. If you have a larger room or are looking for maximum comfort, king and super king metal beds will make the ideal sleeping companion.


A great benefit of selecting a metal bed frame is having the option to select a bed frame that has intricate and opulent detailing. Many metal bed frames feature finials and designs within the metalwork on the headboard, footboard or across the frame. It is important to consider the overall theme and decor of your room when choosing a bed frame to ensure it suits, whether you’re looking for an impact statement or something more subtle.


Metal bed frames are raised from the ground with plenty of space for storage underneath. Having this space for boxes or storage trunks will allow you to keep your bedroom looking clean and tidy avoiding any unnecessary clutter. Have the open space under the bed will also allow for easy access when cleaning.


The cost of a metal bed frame will depend on which size bed frame you intend to buy. The cost will also depend on what type of metal the frame is made from. Metal beds are long-lasting due to their tough and reliable material. With the correct care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime and are therefore a great purchase, both economically and environmentally.


Metal beds are versatile and reliable. When looked after and cared for, they can stand the test of time, even if your planning on redecorating your bedroom often, making them a great investment to your home.

If you have any questions about metal beds or simply want to find out more, contact us today.