The Essential Guide To Storage Beds

Storage beds are ideal for anyone looking to maximise the space in their bedroom. Ottoman beds and divan beds are the most common style of storage beds, allowing you to access your items with ease. In this guide, we will explore the difference between ottoman and divan beds, with advice on sizes, styles and more.

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Ottoman vs divan - what’s the difference?

Divans are bed frames that are available with drawers built into the frame. The divan bed frame features either 2 or 4 drawers allowing you to access your belongings with ease. Ottomans, on the other hand, have no drawers. Instead the mattress lifts to a 45-degree angle, revealing the storage space underneath.

With under the bed storage, you’ll be able to maximise the space in your room by reducing the need for other furniture such as chests of drawers or wardrobes. Whether you opt for a divan or an ottoman will depend on preference as well as how much storage space you require as ottomans offer about 40% more space than divans.

What to consider when choosing a storage bed

When it comes to storage beds, there is more to consider than whether you opt for a divan or ottoman bed. You’ll also want to take some time to consider what size storage bed will work best in your sleep space, as well as the style and cost of the frame.


Usually, measuring your room for a bed frame is quite simple. However, when measuring for a storage bed, it is important to take into account what type of storage bed you’ll be purchasing. Especially with a divan, as you will need to account for the extra space needed for opening the drawers.

If you have a smaller bedroom, perhaps an ottoman would be more convenient. Similarly, if you have a lot of bedroom furniture, an ottoman may mean you can access your belongings more easily.

What size of bed you opt for isn’t just about the dimensions of the room, but also of the person. If you’re looking for a storage bed for a child or teenager, perhaps a single bed would be ideal. If you’re sharing a bed with a sleeping partner, you may appreciate a bit more space, opting for a king-size over a standard double.

Whichever size bed you opt for, make sure to not only measure the room but to consider the logistics of getting the bed delivered. Ensure you have an entryway large enough to have the bed placed in the intended room.


When selecting a storage bed, style does not have to be compromised. There are many stylish storage beds available that vary in material, colour, pattern and texture. Our diverse range of storage beds means you can shop for practicality as well as a preference for the taste and style of your room.

If you’re unsure what to opt for or you’re thinking of redecorating in the years to come, selecting a neutral and simple bedframe will allow you to keep it for years to come, no matter the style of the room.


The cost of storage beds very much depends on what type of storage bed you opt for, the material it is made from and of course, the size of bed you order. When evaluating cost, it is also good to factor in any additional costs such as delivery or set up. Bear in mind that divans are generally cheaper than ottomans, so for those on a budget, divans are the best way to go.


Are there storage beds for kids and teenagers?

Storage beds are absolutely perfect for kids and teenagers as they help to keep rooms tidy and decluttered. If your kids have lots of toys or books, divan or ottoman beds can be the perfect storage solution. Storage beds are ideal for a variety of items from clothes to sports equipment to arts and crafts materials.


If you’re looking for some extra storage space in your home or bedroom, storage beds can be a great addition to your household, offering a hideaway for a variety of items. Whether you’re wanting to stash away last season’s clothes or whether you’re looking for a better home for extra bedding and towels, storage beds offer a clean and easy to access space.

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