White Bed Frames

White bed frames allow for a clean and modern bedroom design. We have a fantastic collection of white beds to choose from including practical metal and wooden frames in a full range of sizes. Shop today to find quality styles at affordable prices.

Small Double
Metal beds Traditional bed frames crafted from metal with a variety of finials to choose from.
Wooden beds Sturdy bed frames crafted from wood for a rustic look.
No storage Bed frames with no storage compensate with their decorative flair.
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White Bed Sizes

Our white beds come in sizes single to king. Our single white beds are perfect for individuals sleeping alone, children, or teenagers. Our small doubles and white double beds cater to couples and smaller bedrooms where space is limited. Our king-sized white beds are great master bedrooms and people who prefer that extra bit of legroom each night.

Discover the best white bed size for space in our Bedroom Measuring Guide.

Wooden White Bed Frames

Our range of wooden white bed frames is classically designed. The contemporary white design portrays simplicity, fitting into any bedroom atheistic. Made from sturdy wood with a white painted finish, our wooden white bed frames are an excellent budget choice, giving a minimal but modern look at an affordable price.

Metal White Bed Frames

Our metal white bed frames are a simple but charming design. They are designed with solid slats for good airflow to support your chosen mattress. Our styles include white metal frames with curved finals at the foot end, creating a vintage feel.

The Benefits of White

White can make a room feel more spacious as it creates the illusion of space which means if you have a small apartment, box room, or tiny guest room you can enhance the space with a white bed frame. White is a very versatile colour too, as it matches all colour schemes, styles, and bedding. You'll have the freedom to swap and change your bedroom design with a white bed. It can also promote the feeling of cleanliness, creating a relaxing sleeping atmosphere for you, or your guests.

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