Your Guide To Faux Leather Beds

Faux leather beds are a great alternative to leather. They're better for the environment, kinder to animals and often better for those on a budget too. In this guide, we will explore those key differences with expert advice on storage options, cost and plenty more.

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Why choose faux leather over leather?

If you’re looking at a leather bed for your bedroom, you may want to consider faux leather bed frames instead. The material has the appearance of real leather but is significantly cheaper.

What's more, the affordability does not sacrifice the quality of the bed frame. Faux leather beds are high in demand at Sleep & Snooze as they are easy to maintain and care for as well as being more sustainable and animal cruelty conscious.

What is the quality difference between leather and faux leather?

Faux leather, although not real leather, has a very similar luxurious soft look and feel. The aesthetics and texture of faux leather being so similar to real leather allows you to create the same interior style at a much lower cost and without sacrificing the quality.

Although faux leather isn’t as durable as real leather, with the right care and maintenance, faux leather bed frames offer longevity. Due to the manufacturing process, faux leather tends to be more uniform in both colour and texture compared to leather, with little imperfections being present.

What decor trends do faux leather beds suit?

As faux leather beds are available in a range of colours and styles, they suit many different themes of decor. Below we explore bedroom trends and how to incorporate a faux leather bed.


Upholstered bed frames, particularly suede and faux leather, are often used when creating classic bedroom decors.

Faux leather beds allow you to embrace classic and traditional designs, using other furnishings to complement the bed as the centrepiece in your bedroom. You can even add to the luxury of this bedframe through the bedding, using extravagant throws and cushions.


If you’re looking to indulge in opulence, whether within modern or classic interior design, faux leather can assist with creating a mesmerizing room which anyone would wish to sleep in. Selecting a black leather frame and pairing it with gold furnishing and accessories can create magnificence and opulence in any bedroom.


Chic boutique hotels love the faux leather bed look. If you’re looking to recreate a similar look and feel in your home, put an emphasis on luxury with a faux leather frame. Select a bold colour palette and explore different textures. Adding accessories such as velvet cushions can bring the whole room together, achieving that desired boutique trend in your sleep space.


When styling your room with the goal of creating a botanical look, faux leather beds can be a great choice. Selecting a light coloured faux leather can allow other colours to pop out such as greenery from surrounding plants and accessories. These beds feel clean and fresh, allowing you to create a vibrant and bright space that is busting with life from surrounding flowers and trees.

What else is there to consider?

When selecting a faux leather bed, quality and style aren’t the only factors to consider. In the guide below, we further explore faux leather bed frames, discussing size, storage options and cost. If storage is key, consider checking out our storage beds instead.


Opting for a more affordable faux leather bed over a costly leather bed may mean you have room in the budget to upgrade in size. Luxurious faux leather beds can be better suited to master suites. Making a grand statement with a super king or king-size will make the ideal centrepiece to any bedroom.


Opting for a classy and luxurious bed frame doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the practicality of storage options. Faux leather ottoman and divan beds offer built-in storage space, ideal for maintaining a tidy and clutter-free room. Therefore faux leather beds serve a dual purpose; space-saving storage as well as an eye-catching statement piece in any bedroom.


As faux leather beds look and feel so similar to real leather beds, the assumption that these luxury frames are expensive can easily be made. The cost of faux leather beds depends on the style as well as the size. However, faux leather beds aren’t out of scope for those on a budget.


So, if you’re looking for the luxury of leather at an affordable cost, faux leather beds are a great choice. No matter what style or trend you’re wanting to achieve in your sleeping space, faux leather beds are available in a variety of styles and colours, meaning you can select a frame with ease. Browse our range of faux leather beds today.