Your Guide To Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds are bed frames that are covered in fabrics like suede, velvet, faux leather and leather. They are also often referred to as fabric beds and offer a range of colours, styles and patterns that you'd struggle to match with wooden or metal bed frames. In this guide, we will explore types of fabrics, styles, cost and more.

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What are the best fabrics for bed frames?

Upholstered bed frames are available in a wide variety of fabrics. Each fabric has its own characteristics and attributes and therefore, there are many factors to consider when choosing which type of upholstered bed will work best for you and your bedroom.


Velvet beds often assist a bed to stand out as an eye-catching centrepiece in any bedroom. The material, velvet, is considered classy and high-end. It is a high-quality fabric that is very affordable and comfortable. Velvet beds are available in a variety of colours therefore, no matter what style your bedroom is, you'll be able to find a velvet bed that will fit just right.

Faux leather

Faux leather bed frames aren't just aesthetically pleasing, they're also affordable and relatively easy to clean making them family-friendly too. If you're wanting a fabric that looks high end but doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, faux leather bed frames may just be the perfect fit for you. With the right care and maintenance, faux leather beds are the perfect sleeping companion for any budget and bedroom.

Textured and woven

Textured and woven bed frames are available in a wide variety of not just colour, but pattern too. If you're looking for a comfortable headboard, a relatively low-cost bed frame and interesting colours, textures or patterns, cotton or woven beds are a great choice. No matter your style or taste, we'll have a bed frame to suit you and your sleep needs.

How to achieve your ideal style with an upholstered bed

As upholstered bed frames are available in a variety of different materials, there is a lot of freedom when it comes to style, no matter what your taste. Upholstered beds can be a key component when it comes to achieving a certain trend, look and feel in your sleep space.


If you’re wanting to achieve a minimalistic look in your bedroom, you may want to consider non-patterned upholstered beds. Choosing neutral colours and using minimal colours will allow the room to have a contemporary yet minimalist look and feel. Try adding detail through texture rather than patterns or a multitude of colours.


In any bedroom, you can achieve a simple yet natural aesthetic with an upholstered bed frame. By shopping for earthy tones, textures and patterns, your bed frame can be the centrepiece that pulls your design together. If you’re looking for a holistic style that radiates the feeling of wellbeing, upholstered beds can add the desired colours, form and lines you're requiring, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing interior.


Upholstered bed frames are the go-to choice for anyone creating a bedroom with opulent interior elements. Upholstered beds are available in rich colours, luxurious textures and eyecatching patterns. No matter whether you’re going for glamorous, retro or Victorian, upholstered bed fabrics will allow you to achieve your interior design dreams.


Traditional and classic themed bedrooms often require sumptuous furnishings and so if you’re looking for a bed frame that can offer rich colours, curved edges and a variety of textures, upholstered bed frames will not disappoint. Whether you’re looking to achieve a modern classic or a contemporary classic feel, upholstered bed frames will pair perfectly with other key furnishings to create your ideal sleep space interior.

What else to consider when choosing an upholstered bed

Aside from style and texture, there are other elements you may want to consider when selecting your upholstered bed frame. Below we explore sizing, storage space, cost and more.


When purchasing any bed, size is a key factor in selecting which bed will work best for you in your home. It is not only important to consider the size of your room but also the logistics of getting the bed frame delivered to your home and through to your bedroom. If you have narrow hallways or restricted access at your home, this may play a key role in your decision making when it comes to size.


If you’re looking for a bed frame that will assist with achieving extra storage space in your bedroom, have a browse through our range of divan beds and ottoman beds. Ottoman and divan beds have built-in storage space allowing you to maximize space and have a clutter-free room. These bed frames can be ideal for small bedrooms or small apartments.


When it comes to upholstered bed frames, the cost will vary depending on many factors such as the style of bedframe you opt for, the size of the frame as well as its material. If you’re on a budget, leather beds or suede beds may be a costly option. If you’re looking for a high quality bed frame for a lower price, our upholstered bed frames are a great cost effective option. If you’re wanting to achieve an opulent look, you can always style up the bedframe using luxurious cushions and throws.


Upholstered beds are relatively easy to clean and maintain. You can use a vacuum to clear any dust and depending on the material, some are also easy to wipe clean. Keeping the bedframe clean and dust-free will help improve your sleep experience, especially if you’re more allergy-prone.


No matter what your budget, whether you’re wanting to make a statement or simply select a bed that will blend in with your seamless interior, upholstered bed frames are not to be overlooked. Available in any size and in a variety of different materials, upholstered bed frames will give you comfort and the flexibility to make your sleep space a sleeping haven. Browse our range of upholstered beds today.