Best Mattresses for the Elderly

Here at Sleep and Snooze, we understand how important sleep is for all ages. Therefore, we have put together this helpful guide on what to look for when choosing a mattress for yourself or an elderly family member.

In this guide, you will find out what you need to consider before picking the right mattress, with recommendations for the exact mattress fit for yourself or the important elderly person in your life. And let's be real, we also understand the importance of price! All recommended mattresses are high quality at reasonable prices.

Best mattress type for the elderly

Mattresses for the elderly need to be comfortable and supportive. Mattresses are available in different 'types'. The best mattress type for older adults is dependent on each person's needs. Pocket spring, hybrid, and memory foam are the most suitable mattresses for a senior, depending on how much support is required.

    • Hybrid mattresses contain springs and a comforting layer of memory foam, latex, or gel. This combination is excellent for relieving feelings of light pressure on the body.

hybrid mattresses

    • Pocket spring mattresses are also a great option for relieving pressure. Their individual springs move to compliment the person's shape using this mattress, allowing ease for move-ment and finding that perfect sleeping position.

pocket spring mattresses

    • Memory foam mattresses have supporting properties all ages can benefit from. Because memory foam mattresses create a comforting pouch for the body, reducing sleep movement. Which in turn aids a better night's sleep. They also keep you warmer compared to other mat-tresses. As they retain heat, a memory foam mattress will keep those who are naturally chilly much warmer in the colder months.

memory foam mattresses

Comfort grade firmness

The firmness of a mattress for the elderly can play a huge role in the quality of sleep. When choosing the right firmness, this will depend on weight and sleeping position. Mattresses for the elderly generally need to be medium or firm. This is to provide plenty of support and re-lieve pressure.

Mattress comfort grades include:

We recommend

Unfortunately, no matter how much research you put into your mattress for the best support, back pain can creep up on all of us. See our best mattresses for back pain for more advice.

Avoiding mattress sag

Sagging of mattresses is a common issue that may cause more issues for seniors than others. This is because the sagging of a mattress means less support, and therefore, is less comfortable and harder on our muscles to get up and off in the morning. If you are looking for advice on how to avoid a mattress sagging, we suggest rotating and flipping a mattress every six months.

We hope this was helpful and you know have all the information you need to choose the right mattress. To learn more about the right height your bed should be, visit our guide: How High Should Your Bed Be? For inspirational bedroom design, space-saving and budgeting tips, see our Snooze Hub.