The Hybrid Mattress Guide

Hybrid by name, hybrid by nature. Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of a spring mattress for traditional support and comfort with the benefits of pressure-relieving qualities that memory foam, gel, or latex mattresses provide.

If you're new to the concept of hybrid mattresses and want to know more, or have decided on a hybrid mattress but are unsure which one is best for you, this guide will answer any questions you may have.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a multi-layered mattress consisting of a spring base with additional memory foam, gel, or latex layers atop to provide extra levels of comfort, support, and pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses, therefore, offer the best of both worlds. The spring core of the mattress provides traditional support whilst also providing good levels of air circulation. Whilst the additional memory foam, gel or latex layers moulds to your shape, helping to relieve sensitive pressure points whilst adapting to your sleeping position.

At Sleep and Snooze, we have a broad range of affordable hybrid mattresses to choose from. We have quality mattress brands such as Sealy. Plus, our very own Rest for Less collection. These hybrid mattresses are available in a variety of different spring counts, materials and top layers to suit everyone's individual taste, sleeping preferences, and budget.

What Are the Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress synthesises the benefits of both spring and foam mattresses whilst also negating their respective drawbacks to give you:

A hybrid mattress is sure to provide a sound night's sleep for all. The combination of springs and top layers gives both general support for your body and tailored support to how you sleep which is guaranteed to give you the ultimate set-up for deep sleep.

The foam, gel, or latex layers of the mattresses contour to your body, reducing the pushback on critical pressure points. And instead, hug parts of your body that are most in contact with the mattress. This is ideal if you suffer from joint or back pain as the elasticity of the top layer moulds to your sleeping posture.

Hybrid mattresses feature hundreds of springs meaning you'll get support for every part of your body. As the springs run from tip to toe, you'll find edge-to-edge support. This means your mattress will be sturdy across its whole surface area and won't droop if you were to sleep at its sides.

The innerspring base of the mattress provides support across your body whilst the foam, gel or latex layers provide great support for your hips and shoulders if you prefer lying on your side, or your back or front if you prefer those sleeping positions

As there are only layers of foam combined with springs, rather than the whole mattress being made of memory foam, this reduces the density of the mattress. This promotes airflow, creating a more breathable mattress that can reduce night-time stuffiness.

Hybrid Mattress Construction

We've discussed how a hybrid mattress offers both spring and foam qualities, but how are these integrated into a mattress? Discover below:

1. Support Core

The support core is the spring element of the mattress and should be the largest component of the mattress as it is this layer that provides the mattress' strength. The base layer features either pocket springs or traditional springs. The difference is that pocket springs are individual and independent of each other. Whereas traditional springs in a coil are all connected. Generally speaking, the higher the spring count, the greater the support offered, however, the quality of spring should also be considered.

2. Comfort Layer

This is the key layer that you truly feel when you're sleeping. This is the layer that is made from memory foam, gel, or latex. These layers adjust to your body's curves, edges and pressure points which leads to that feeling of weightlessness and pressure relief, unlike the cotton or polyester comfort layers in purely innerspring mattresses. As it is just a layer, there is no possible sinking sensation that can sometimes be found with purely foam mattresses due to the bounce of the bed's springs.

3. Pillow Layers

These are not available on all hybrid mattresses; pillow tops are sewn on top of the comfort layer. These offer an additional layer of soft-touch luxurious comfort to your mattress.

What is the Best Hybrid Mattress?

The best hybrid mattress completely depends on what your needs, preferences and budget are. At Sleep and Snooze, there are a wide variety of hybrid mattresses to choose from, all from reputable brands, and below we give our top picks for the most common requirements:

The Hybrid Mattress for Budget

If budget is your main priority, we offer a range of affordable hybrid mattresses that provide amazing comfort for a fantastic price.

The Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain

The best hybrid mattress if you suffer from a bad back, in general, is one with a firmer comfort grade, although this does depend on your weight too. Due to the firmer surface of the mattress, this will help keep your spine to keep its natural alignment.

The Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is considered the most common sleeping position. However, side sleepers often experience shoulder or lower back pain if their mattress is unsupportive. The contouring benefits of hybrid mattresses, however, provide great pressure point relief.

How Long Does a Hybrid Mattresses Last?

Assuming you’re taking good care of your mattress, making sure it's clean and rotated every so often, a hybrid mattress lifespan is approximately 6-10 years. The variance can be the result of many factors including usage, but also the type of spring used in the support core can affect the lifespan:

Support Core Type Lifespan Why?
Traditional Spring 6-8 years Traditional springs are made from one continuous coil of wire that is then spun into coils. As we tend to sleep in similar positions each night, certain coils end up taking most of the strain each night. Whilst traditional spring mattresses tend to be cheaper, over time, this repetitive strain can lead to the mattress dipping.
Pocket Spring 8-10 years A pocket spring mattress has hundreds of individual springs that operate independently from one another. As they are not made from one continuous coil, the strain on the coil is reduced. This means that pocket springs tend to be more durable and therefore the mattress is longer lasting.

The base your hybrid mattress sits on is also important for its lifespan. Ideally, you should have a solid base for a hybrid mattress, but slats can work if the gaps are narrow (no more than 5cm or 2 inches). If they are too wide, the hybrid mattress may droop between the slats damaging the material and increasing the onset of mattress sagging.

You can also prolong the life of your hybrid mattress with mattress toppers and mattress protectors to prevent any build-up of stains.

How to Clean a Hybrid Foam Mattress

Keeping your mattress in good condition is the secret to extending its lifespan. Preventative measures such as mattress protectors and toppers should be considered and crucially, avoid water damage at all costs. Liquids, once soaked into the mattress, can penetrate the layers of a hybrid mattress and cause internal deterioration.

Besides day-to-day cleaning advice (wiping away stains, etc.), you should also look to turn your mattress now and again. Generally, rotating your mattress every 3 months can increase its lifespan as it relieves pressure on springs that undergo more stress than others depending on your sleeping position. It is important to note, however, that you should never flip a hybrid mattress. This is because you always need the pillow or comfort layer at the top.