Rest n Rise Mattresses

Our value collection of Rest n Rise mattresses offers superior comfort and support with next generation memory foam technology. Explore our range of firmness grades and sizes below, there's one to suit all sleeping requirements and bed sizes.

Small Double
Super King
Memory foam mattresses Foam that gives a luxurious sinking-in feeling and adapts to your position.
Firm Recommended for back and front sleepers.
Very Firm Recommended for back sleepers.
Medium Recommended for side and front sleepers.
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Rest n Rise mattresses are the next generation of memory foam technology designed with quality, comfort, support, and price in mind. Our very own mattress innovation is accessible to all households - first-time buyers, families, landlords, and everyday homeowners. Continue to read on as we share more information.

Firmness Grades Available

Rest n Rise mattresses offer 3 firmness grades so that everyone can have a great night's sleep.

Next Gen Medium Mattresses

A medium comfort grade offers a comfortable and body contouring sleeping surface thanks to the 3 foam layers, including soft profiled foam and zoned technology. Rest n Rise mattresses also come with a soft knitted fabric cover for an extra layer of comfort. This grade is available in single, double, king, and super king size.

Next Gen Firm Mattresses

If you're someone who prefers a firmer mattress with the sink-in feeling of memory foam, explore the Rest n Rise firm mattress range. With 3 layers of the highest quality foam and zoned technology, it will contour your body and provide excellent support. A firm comfort grade is available in sizes single, small double, double, king, and super king.

Next Gen Very Firm Mattresses

For the highest level of full-body contour, explore Rest n Rise very firm mattresses. With 3 layers of foam including high resilience foam and zoned technology this firmness grade offers maximum support. Therefore, it's great for sleepers who suffer from joint aches and pains. This grade is available in sizes single, double, king, and super king.

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