7 Bedroom Design Tips to Improve Your Happiness

First added 28th June 2021 

By Shannan Humphrey

5 min read

Your bedroom should be your ultimate sanctuary. It’s a place where you go to unwind, relax, and most importantly sleep. Have you ever considered that your bedroom design could be impacting your sleep routine and happiness? Because it can. When we’re not comfortable in our surroundings, it is difficult to completely unravel from life’s stresses.

To encourage a good night's sleep and improve mood, we will share seven top tips on how to improve your happiness by changing your bedroom layout and design. We want to help you create a bedroom space that you will love and will boost your serotonin levels every night of the week.

1. Soft Coloured Walls

First and foremost, you should think about your bedroom colour scheme. Colour therapy and psychology suggest that colours have meaning and can convey different emotions. So, what colours can improve happiness in your bedroom? Yellow is the colour of happiness. You may be thinking yellow is a bold choice and it can be overpowering. But, you can opt for a soft soothing hue of yellow or incorporate it into your bedroom accessories or bedding.

Soft hues resembling nature can also lift your mood. Green and earthy tones bring you close to nature and can create a calm atmosphere. Green has stress-relieving qualities making it the ideal colour to paint your bedroom enabling you to drift away into a deep sleep.

Other colours related to happiness and relaxation include blue and purple. Blue lowers blood pressure making you feel at peace. And purple, especially lighter shades such as lilac, can bring a relaxing essence to a room.

2. Find a Comfortable Bed and Mattress

Finding a comfortable bed and mattress plays a significant role in improving your mood. Sleep is closely linked to happiness and is needed to give you sufficient energy throughout the day. We all know how great we feel in the morning after a good night's sleep. Therefore, we must spend some time creating the perfect sleep environment.

We can start to do this by measuring our bedroom, you should choose a bed size that is going to give you enough floor space to move around. For smaller bedrooms, opt for a small double bed. They are big enough to share with a partner and small enough to give you plenty of room in a master bedroom. To learn more about the different types of beds, visit our buying guide hub.

Next, you need to consider your mattress.The wrong mattress type can cause you discomfort and even back pain problems. In turn, this is going to make you feel extremely unhappy. So, to find a mattress that is ideal for you, read The Best Type of Mattress Based on Your Sleeping Position.

3. Beloved Photos

To improve happiness in your bedroom you can design your bedroom with photographs that bring back happy memories. Your bedside table is the perfect place to put a photo frame. At night you can reflect on positive life experiences and remind yourself of friends and family.

One of the main reasons photos can increase mood is how they provide a cycle of enjoyment. When we look at an old photograph, it enables us to re-live the feelings of excitement associated with planning, anticipating, participating, and now remembering the event. So, next time you’re thinking of adding to your bedroom design, print some photographs of your most cherished memories.

4. Biophilic Design

Biophilia means love of nature. This design concept focuses on our connection to nature and natural processes. Biophilic design is proven to bring feelings of happiness into our homes. To start to incorporate the idea of this into your bedroom, you can choose flooring and furniture made of natural wood materials.

Bringing nature into your home has also been found to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure levels and increase productivity and a greater sense of wellbeing. Biophilic design is not just about the materials we use, you can also start to bring elements of nature through air quality, light, colours, and views of the outdoors through windows.

5. Let Sunshine into Your Bedroom

Sunshine can be an extremely powerful mood booster that helps set our circadian rhythms. Our circadian rhythm is the process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. So, without it, we wouldn’t have a sleep routine set in place and our disrupted body clock would make it hard for us to sleep at night.

Natural light also increases endorphins and serotonin in the body. These are the chemicals that are associated with happiness. There are so many positive repercussions of increased sunlight that you may not even realise. These include, increase in vitamins, healing powers, healthy skin complexion, improved circulation, and immune system. Thereby, tomorrow morning, make sure you remember to open your curtains in the morning to reap the benefits of sunshine. And get your daily dose of vitamin D!

6. Simplify and Declutter

This may be an obvious way to improve your happiness, but it is still very paramount. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to spend an hour controlling the chaos in our bedroom. Clutter can have a detrimental effect on our mood at night, as it will stimulating the brain, making it harder for us to go to sleep. Next time you have a spare moment, prioritise decluttering your bedroom.

7. Feng Shui

The concept of Feng Shui suggests bedroom layout ideas that create harmony and assist with the flow of energy. With ideas from Feng Shui, you can design a bedroom that is calming and relaxing by balancing the energies of your home. So, how can you start to implement ideas of Feng Shui into your bedroom?

You can start by decluttering your room and making sure there is nothing that is going to distract you from relaxation. Avoid technological devices such as televisions, laptops, and mobile phones as the light will harm your sleeping pattern. Next, you should consider the alignment of your furniture. Feng Shui advises that your bed should not be placed under a window or directly in line with a door. Your bed should have plenty of room around it to allow energy to flow. These are just a few elements you can start to practice in your bedroom layout to make your space a happier place.

And that was our final tip to share on bedroom design to improve your happiness. We hope that there is something you can take away from this. There is one more change you can make to your morning routine that can impact your mood and that is making your bed every morning. Find out why here.


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