Bedroom Designs To Maximise Rental Prices

First added 5th July 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

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When space is at a premium and budgets are tight, you may be wondering if renting a property is a good idea or investment. But there are many decorating hacks and bedroom design ideas to maximise the value of small spaces for rentals, houses, and studio apartments.

Bedroom Design Ideas for Landlords

When renting properties, of course, you are going to want to make as much money as possible each month. So, we have put together 6 simple tips on the best bedroom designs to increase revenue.

1. Light Colour Schemes

When you put your rental property on the market, you need to give buyers a good first impression. Whether they’re first-time renters or experienced, the first thing that is going to catch their attention when they walk into a bedroom is space and aesthetics.

When decorating walls, experiment with light colour schemes. Choose white, off-whites, and natural tonal colours. This is one of the key factors that will allow you to maximise space in a small bedroom as light colours give the illusion of a larger room. This is one of our budget-friendly wall hacks that landlords can use throughout all the bedrooms in their small spaces for rent. Individuals who come to view the property will not only believe they are getting more space for their money but will also be impressed with the clean and fresh lick of paint.

2. Loft Conversions

No matter your target audience, whether they be a family of four, students, or young couples, if you offer tenants something extra, they’ll be more than happy to pay a little more. Pay close attention to the existing spaces in your property and work out if there are any adjustments you can make to add value. One thing you can look to do that will appeal to family homes and maximise rental prices is converting the loft into a bedroom.

Loft conversions would also be great for student properties. By making the most out of loft space you are creating an extra bedroom for another tenant which means more money coming into your bank account every month.

3. Fully Furnish Bedrooms

Before you decide to kit out a bedroom, firstly decide the type of tenant you want to rent to. Landlords renting fully furnished properties are more likely to attract people moving out for the first time, students, and people travelling from overseas. Unlike tenants that have been renting their whole life, they will not have a collection of bedroom furniture. To target the groups of people mentioned above, design a bedroom that has all the necessary furniture for them to be able to move in straight away.

Fully furnished bedroom designs are going to allow you to increase your monthly rate compared to if you decide not to provide any furniture. Plus, when potential tenants come to view your property, they'll walk into a bedroom to find a double ottoman bed with a beautifully stylish blue-velvet headboard, and they're sure to be impressed.

What Bedroom Furniture is Needed In Fully Furnished Rental Properties?

If you’re a landlord advertising space for rent as fully furnished you need to provide tenants with basic bedroom furniture. Including:

  • Bed
  • Mattress
  • Wardrobe
  • Bedside Table
  • Lighting
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Flooring

4. Make Sure There is Plenty of Storage

Storage is a major appeal for tenants looking to rent. Landlords renting small spaces, such as flats and studio apartments, should look to provide as much storage as possible. The best bedroom designs should allow enough space to comfortably move around and enough storage to put away belongings to avoid clutter. One way landlords can improve the amount of storage in a bedroom is by providing a storage bed.

When looking to furnish properties with a storage bed, landlords can either shop for ottoman beds or divan beds. This will be a strong selling point of the rental property that landlords can advertise. For further advice, read our guide on the best beds for studio apartments.

5. Pay Attention to Small Details

Landlords don’t need to go overboard when decorating bedrooms, but it will make a massive difference to the overall feel of the property if you add some bedroom accessories. They can make a room look more homely and inviting. In turn, making a tenant more likely to want to pay the full rental price.

When designing a bedroom, add some small details that will add personality, such as cushions, throws, flowers, and wall art. To further create the illusion of space, add mirrors and let natural light flow through rooms. For further advice on decorating, read The Budget Worthy Bedroom Capsule.

6. Consider the Bed Size You Choose

When you’re preparing a fully furnished rental for viewings, there’s a crafty way of creating the illusion of more space for potential tenants. And it’s as simple as investing in small double beds for bedrooms. You may know them as queen size beds. They are slightly narrower than a double but the best part about them is that they can sleep two people. This means your bedrooms are going to look larger with more empty floor space. In turn, tenants are going to think they are getting more for their money.

If you have carefully followed all our 6 tips on bedroom designs to maximise rental prices, you can confidently say that you have made a conscious effort to add value to your property.

To learn more about saving space in small bedrooms, click here.


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