What Are The Best Space-Saving Beds?

First added 1st April 2022

By Elisha Sketchley

4 min read

Finding the perfect size bed for a room can be difficult when there are so many options. We have put together this helpful list of the best space-saving beds. Each is equipped with savvy space-saving abilities to help maximise the space in a guest room, office, or smaller bedroom.

Space-Saving Beds with Storage – Sleep and Snooze Top Picks:

A storage bed is a great way of saving space. Store your goods out of the way to utilise space in a bedroom.

Johnson Fabric Ottoman Bed

This is a double bed with space-saving abilities, offering 22cm depth of under bed storage. A perfect addition to a bedroom that may need that extra bit of storage to free up much-needed space. Simply lift the ottoman base for storage.

See the Johnson Fabric Ottoman Bed.

4 Drawer Divan Base

Available in space-savvy sizes like the small double, this 4-drawer divan has 2 useful drawers on either side. These are excellent for storing away things like linens, clothing, and books, with easy access. Imagine all of those items out of the way freeing up space.

Check out the Grey 4 Drawer Divan Base. This base is also available in blue and beige.

Space Saving Small Double Beds – Sleep and Snooze Top Picks:

Small double beds are excellent for smaller bedrooms. They are spacious beds that don't take up too much room, maximising floor space.

Jordan Metal Bedframe

A popular small double (also available in single and regular double!) We recommend this small double for rooms that may need extra floor space. There is room under the bed to store boxes or bags if you are looking to utilise this space. This modern bed frame comes with solid slats for airflow and support. It is also available in a range of colours, including black, grey and pastel pink.

See the Jordan Black Metal Bedframe today.

2 Drawer Divan Base

A lot like its sister bed base, this 2-drawer divan is a wonderful addition to a smaller bedroom. This divan base has 2 drawers on one side, making it an ideal bed to go against a wall with the drawers facing outwards, freeing up floor space. Its soft-touch fabric finish is practical and timeless. Available in blue, grey and beige.

View the Beige 2 Drawer Divan Base.

Space Saving Sofa Beds – Sleep and Snooze Top Picks:

Sofa beds are perfect for a guest room! They are versatile, attractive, and here at Sleep and Snooze, our sofa beds are available for a range of styles and budgets.

Apollo A-Frame Sofa Bed

Opting for our Apollo A-Frame Sofa Bed for your guest room or office is a great way of maximising your floor space. When you do have family and friends at your house to stay in the evening, your sofa bed can be a welcoming place to sleep for your guests. When you are more likely to be using your guest room as an office, or maybe a playroom, your sofa bed is a comfortable place to sit and relax.

Check out our Apollo A-Frame Sofa Bed today.

Henshaw Sofa Bed

And finally, we have our versatile Henshaw sofa bed. This sofa bed is available in a gorgeous burnt orange and classic grey. It seats 2 people when being used as a sofa and can comfortably fit 2 to sleep when being used as a bed.

See the Henshaw Sofa Bed.

If you would like to see more sofa beds, browse our Sofa Beds collection.

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