The Budget Worthy Bedroom Capsule

First added 21st June 2021

By Liam Porter

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For those looking to kit out a bedroom in full, it can be a little daunting trying to identify what you need and fit it all into your budget. Enter, the budget-worthy bedroom capsule. Stealing the capsule concept from the world of fashion, we have put together a simple list of must-haves for any new bedroom.

The idea behind our budget bedroom capsule is to give you the perfect starting point for getting what you need without spending the earth. First, we'll explore the important considerations for setting out your new bedroom before introducing our 5-item capsule for the best bedroom on a budget.

What are the Key Components to a Budget-Friendly Bedroom Update?

Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you there's more to bedroom design than simply style and cost. From practical measures such as where to store your clothes to factors that affect sleep quality, there's so much to consider. Here, we look at the key components to a budget-friendly bedroom update.


It's important to save space wherever possible. With a storage bed, such as an ottoman or a divan, you can limit the amount of bedroom furniture you need to buy. These bed types use the space beneath the mattress and allow you easy-access storage for clothes, books, shoes, or whatever you see fit. Often, choosing one of these beds allows you to cut down on the floor space that would otherwise be taken up with a chest of drawers or wardrobe.

Seasons & Bedroom Temperature

To keep your costs down, you'll also want to ensure you're buying a mattress and bedding for more than just the current season.

Look to mattresses that regulate temperatures such as gel or latex. Or if you're opting for a memory foam mattress, remember that these are typically a little warmer than other mattress types. In this case, you'll want to ensure you choose bedding made of breathable material so you don't overheat in the summer months.

Simply, the concept here is to make sure you are considering all temperatures when choosing your bedding and mattress. Consider how to balance each purchase, looking to all-season options instead of having to double up.

Health, Air Quality and Relaxation

Another key thing to think about when kitting out a bedroom is how sleep quality affects your health and how well your bedroom lets you relax. For those with health concerns, adjustable beds and supportive mattresses are a good place to start. Also, it's worth giving a thought to bedding, colour schemes and décor which promote relaxation and heighten breathability. From anti-allergy bedding to plants that clean the air, there's much to be considered.

The Budget Friendly Bedroom Capsule

So, enter the budget-friendly bedroom capsule. Here's our five-item pick to maximise comfort, keep you at the right temperature whatever the season and create a relaxing, zen-worthy bedroom suite. All without breaking the bank.

1. A Small Double Divan Bed

Divans are typically the cheapest type of storage bed. And by choosing a four-drawer option, you maximise space throughout the rest of your room. Consider a four-drawer divan and you may be able to get rid of a chest of drawers or other bedroom furniture pieces. This will help keep your budget to a minimum and ensure you have enough space to store all your clothes and belongings.

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2. The Silentnight Comfortable Rolled Foam Mattress

At the lower end of the price range, the Silentnight Comfortable Rolled Foam Mattress provides a range of benefits regardless of its price. With a luxury knitted layer that is naturally anti-allergenic, it's great for those with health concerns or who simply want to ensure they're breathing as efficiently as possible when asleep.

The comfortable Miratex foam support which makes up the interior of the mattress is designed to cocoon the body from head to toe, offering the right kinds of bodily support and promoting a healthy spine alignment. What's more, for couples, this mattress is made to prevent roll together, ensuring there's no sag into the middle of the mattress and the loss of space that comes with that. And don't think you're losing out on longevity by choosing the lower end of the price range, this mattress comes with a five-year guarantee and can last beyond that with a little TLC.

3. A Memory Foam or Gel Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are great for those who want a little extra comfort and luxury from their mattress without having to spend on a high-end mattress. They also offer a layer of protection between you and your mattress, helping extend its lifespan.

When pairing with a foam mattress, it's worth looking into toppers that feature more advanced mattress technologies. This gives you the option for a more personal approach to sleep – if you want a little more support, firmness or warmth, memory foam toppers are perfect. For those who like a cool and clean sleep, or a softer sleeping surface, a gel mattress topper will do the trick.

4. A 10.5 Tog Duvet and a Winter Throw

10.5 tog duvets are widely known as the duvet for all seasons. 10.5 is the most common tog rating as it manages the change from the chilly winter months through to warm summers with ease. For those who do like a little extra warmth and luxury, we’d recommend storing a chunky winter throw in one of the drawers on your divan to make sure you're covered if the temperature does drop.

5. Cheap and Hardy Bedroom Plants

Indoor plants may seem a surprise addition to our bedroom capsule, but they offer a host of benefits, unrivalled with other types of décor. To start, many bedroom plants clean the air of harmful toxins, making it easier to breathe and helping those with allergies get a good night's rest.

Next, indoor plants can turn a functional bedroom into a stylish sleep sanctuary. A simple addition of some cheap plants can make your bedroom a place where you want to rest and relax. Tied in with the clutter-free storage of a divan, plants will help turn your bedroom into your own personal haven for relaxation. If you're unsure where to start, here are a few easy-to-manage indoor plants that are great for promoting sleep.

Palms – No need for direct sunlight and only require watering when the soil feels dry to touch. Great at cleaning the air and removing toxins from the room.

Snake plant – The king of air purification when it comes to bedroom plants. Snake plants require almost no attention. Think minimal watering and placement anywhere in the bedroom.

Lavender – Typically considered an outdoor plant but in the right conditions this plant will thrive indoors and kick out beautiful sleep-inducing lavender scents. Simply place in direct sunlight from a window for a few hours each day and water when the soil feels slightly dry.


So, there it is – our budget-friendly bedroom capsule. Feel free to swap things out and upgrade where suitable, but if you're looking for a luxury, comfortable, healthy bedroom that doesn't go over budget, these are a great place to start.

Most importantly, to cut costs, be sure to find products that serve a dual purpose. Whether that's an all-season duvet, a mattress topper for comfort and protection or a bedroom plant to inspire relaxation and clean the air.


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