5 Adorable Christmas Eve Bedtime Traditions for Children

First added 6th December 2021

By Elisha Sketchley

3 min read

With Christmas fast approaching and children off school, finding ways to make bedtime more appealing may come as a bit of a chore! A particularly difficult night to entice children to go to bed is, as we all know, Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is full of excitement, which doesn’t bode well for drifting off to sleep. But fear not, here, we have put together a list of 5 adorable things you can do with your children to help with bedtime.


Write a letter to Santa

Try settling your children down with a pencil and paper. Writing a letter can be very therapeutic. They could write a letter thanking Santa for the presents they're excited to receive the following morning. Writing a letter expressing how they feel about the year can be a very calming way to end a day before getting some rest. Let them write their thoughts down. This way your child's mind will be clear, ready for a great night's sleep.

Enjoy a glass of warm milk

Warm milk is well known as a bedtime beverage for kids. Milk is thought to help produce more melatonin, a sleep-inducing chemical in the brain. If you're looking for a nightcap, check out our festive nightcaps to help you sleep.

Read a bedtime Christmas story

Reading a bedtime story can do wonders for helping your little one drift off into a slumber. Reading before bed is known for reducing stress levels and promoting sleep. See our 5 best Christmas bedtime stories to read to your children.

Track Santa's whereabouts

Once you've tackled bath time, brushing teeth, and getting into some cosy Christmas pyjamas – check a Santa tracking app and see how far away he is from your home! There are some great apps available, including the NORAD Santa app.

Bake cookies for Santa

Grab your cookie dough and rolling pin! This Christmas Eve tradition will be to remember. Baking is another very therapeutic activity that promotes serotonin. Bake some cookies and leave them out for Santa to enjoy when he arrives to drop off those much-anticipated gifts.

Now you have Christmas Eve sorted, make sure your little ones are comfortable. Check out our bed and mattress sets if you're looking for a new bed set to rest their heads.

And don't forget to leave a little light on so Santa knows you're home!


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