How to Create Special Memories with Your Grandchildren When They Sleepover

First added 29th June 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

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The extraordinary bond between grandparents and grandkids is undeniably one of the greatest love stories of all time. Built on shared experiences and spending quality time together, they become inseparable.

There are so many things you can do to create special memories with your grandchildren at a sleepover that will build memories they can grow old with. Once you have their bedroom set up with a new single bed and mattress, you’ll want them staying over every night of the week. To help you keep them entertained, this article will share fun things to do at sleepovers and suggest ways you spend your time together.

Remember, time is about quality, not quantity. So, make the most of your time with your little ones. Before you know it, they’ll become teenagers and you’ll be waving them off to university. Continue to read on and take as much inspiration as you need ready for your next sleepover date with your cherished little grandchildren.

Plant Something Together

Planting plants or vegetables is a really fun way of spending time with your grandkids. Not only will they enjoy planting the seeds but you will be able to watch the seeds grow into something beautiful together.

You could choose to plant something together either indoors or outdoors. Kids will love to come round to your house every week and help water and take care of the plant. It gives them something to look forward to and also teaches them a valuable life lesson.

If you decide to garden with kids here are some child-friendly plant ideas:

  • Lavateras
  • Cosmos
  • Anquilegia
  • Nasturtiums
  • Geraniums

Create a Memory Book

A grandchild and grandparent memory book is a keepsake book featuring a collection of photographs and stories of all the treasured adventures you have shared. It’s the same idea as a scrapbook but you make it together.

This is a fantastic idea for a sleepover as you can continue to add to it every week. Once you have bought a plain A4 sketchbook to collate all your memories, it will encourage you to make more memories with your grandkids and document them each week. When you do take your little ones on days out, remember to take a photograph so you can put it in your memory book.

When your grandchildren grow older and become adults, they will be able to look back at all the memorable experiences they shared with their grandparents. A memory book is such a lovely way to document your lives together.

Learn a New Skill Together

The relationship between grandparents and grandkids plays a vital part in developing who a child is. The role of a grandparent is not only to love a child unconditionally but also teach them character-building life lessons and new practical skills. This is one of the reasons why time spent at sleepovers together is so precious and valuable.

Life skills a grandparent can teach their grandchildren include patience, the family roots, the art of storytelling, morals, the importance of belonging, and health. The list goes on which comes to show how meaningful the role of a grandparent is. They are a role model for when parents need a break and a person a child can always depend on.

You can create new memories with grandchildren by teaching them practical skills such as learning to ride a bike, how to make a bed, cooking, baking, sewing, cleaning, and arts and crafts. We’re not sure how impressed kids will be trying to teach them how to clean at a sleepover, but it is definitely something kids need to learn during their development.

Create a New Game Together

This could mean creating a board, card, or outdoor game you can play in the garden together. Young children are very creative and will love to design a game that only you and they know about. It’s something you can do every sleepover together and they can eventually pass it down to their children.

Games are a great way of teaching children about rules and how to follow them. Playing games with kids from a young age will prepare them for when they go to school. Ball games will teach them how to share and be team players. Board games can teach them how to problem-solve and intuitively use their minds. There are many lessons a child can learn from games, so make sure to include them during your weekly sleepover.

Make a Time Capsule

This is an exciting activity to share with your grandkids one evening. The idea behind a time capsule is to find an empty box, a shoebox will be fine, and fill it with items you would like to pass down to your beloved grandchildren. You can also include some photographs of both of you together.

After collecting all the items you wish to include in the capsule, set a designated time to open it and make sure you write it down so you remember. You could either bury the box in your garden or hide it away in your home. Regardless, your grandkids are going to be filled with joy when making the capsule and hiding it away.

Read a Bedtime Story

Reading a bedtime story to your grandchildren can deepen your bond and create darling experiences with them. Next time they stay over for the night, tuck them into bed and read them one of their favourite books. Or you could share stories from your past about your own childhood and life. Storytime will help to relax and calm them before tucking them into bed and sleeping.

Kids love a bedtime story. Reading with them will cultivate their imagination, develop their listening skills, and encourage their interest in books. Before you know it, your little ones will be writing stories themselves and reading them to you.

That’s our final idea to share for now. Be sure to let us know if you have any more inspiring ideas on how to create special memories with grandchildren when they sleep over. If you’re looking to transform your spare bedroom for when your grandkids stay over, read our guide on Crafty Ideas To Save Space In Your Small Bedroom.


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