How to Decorate Your Bedroom this Christmas on a Budget

First added 25th November 2021

By Lewis Ridley

7 min read

Looking to decorate your bedroom with festive decorations this Christmas but don’t want to break the bank? We’ve got you covered with these quick, budget-friendly decoration ideas. They'll turn any bedroom into a winter wonderland.

Whether you’re decorating your bedroom or designing the perfect Christmas kid's bedroom, these tips will be exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s dive in.

Use Candles to Create a Warm Environment

An excellent way to create a festive, Christmassy mood is by invoking one of the more potent senses – smell. To create the perfect environment this season, try decorating your room with an assortment of beautifully scented Christmas candles. When it comes to scent, think of classics, such as spicy cinnamon or sweet gingerbread.

Smells and scents also can bring back memories of fonder Christmas times. Our brains are pattern-matching machines, so by keeping the smells in your room aligned with the classic smells of Christmas, you’ll feel cosy and happy every time you go to rest your head.

Candles don’t have to be expensive either. You find cheap Christmas smells in nearly every supermarket or shop, especially during this season. Simply shop around your local stores and compare prices to find the cheapest one.

Bring Out the Christmas Bedding

One of the most important aspects of the bedroom is the bed. After all, it’s kind of in the name of the room, right?

With the right bedding, you can create the ultimate Christmas sleeping environment. When you’re decorating your bed, think of classic throws, soft cushions, and festive themed duvets. Make sure you consider colouring and patterns if you want to get this right.


Therefore, here’s a few tips when it comes to styling those core bedding pieces:

  • Throws: Throws can include both blankets and cushions, and they can amplify the theme to new levels. Use throw pieces to create a statement. With throw blankets, you can utilise tartan and other creative patterns to add depth to your bedding. Use Christmas-themed throw cushions to further accentuate the bedding!
  • Duvets: Christmas duvet bedding is something everyone gets excited about. There are plenty of themes and patterns to choose from. However, if you’re going to be making statements with your throw accessories, you should opt for something more subtle. Experiment with some deep reds and whites, especially in checkered or tartan patterns. You can even go for greys and greens if you want a modern or minimalistic look. As long as you keep it within the Christmas colour range, you’ll be able to create the perfect Christmas aesthetic.

Use a Mini Christmas Tree

Not everyone has the space or the money to have a big Christmas tree in every room of the house. In fact, many wouldn’t want to deal with the mess that could cause, especially if you’re using real pine!

Therefore, opting for something cheaper and smaller could be a good option for many. That’s why mini Christmas trees are going to be your friend if you’re shopping on a budget.



Mini Christmas trees can be as creative as you want! Many come with decorations already attached, so you don’t even have to decorate them. They’re so small, you can pop them on a desk or a chest of drawers. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can even hang them from the ceiling. Useful if you’re trying to save on space.

You can get super cheap mini Christmas trees from loads of shops in the UK. From a quick Google search, they start from as low as £5. If you’re in a rush to decorate and the big day is approaching fast, you could even order one straight from Amazon with next-day delivery. There’s plenty of buying options available if you’re on a tight budget.

Decorate Your Headboard

There are plenty of ways to decorate and design a Christmas headboard, and plenty of cheap options as well. Headboards are the perfect opportunity to turn your bedroom into a winter dream world.

The most basic of decorations you could experiment with first is affordable fairy lights. There are plenty of buying options in everyday shops. Paired with the candles, these can make a super cosy and comfortable setting to help you fall asleep.

If you’re looking to push the boat out, you could get creative and design your own headboard decorations. You could make some classic paper chains on a lazy Sunday afternoon or challenge yourself and make a wreath. You can get the whole family involved as well, making it an excellent activity for the kids.

Finish it off with Christmassy Accessories

With the bed finished and the mini Christmas tree in place, all there is left to do is decide where to put your accessories. These don’t have to break the bank either, and you can design themself if you’re looking for a creative and affordable solution.

If you’re looking to create the classic Christmas theme, you could experiment by hanging Christmas stockings on your bed. These can be picked up for just a few pounds in many UK stores. Again, if you feel like brushing up on your sewing skills, why not try making your own? They’re incredibly simple to make.

Similar to our paper chain idea, you can use paper and origami skills to line your window shelves and flat surfaces with plenty of Christmas accessories. You can even get creative and make your own ornaments with some hot glue and old baubles. Check out this big guide Country Living has on homemade Christmas decorations for more tips and tricks.


As you can see, decorating your bedroom doesn’t have to cost a lot, and it can be a fun, creative experience for all the family. Even if you don’t feel like making your own decorations, there are plenty of discount stores in the UK that provides Christmas decorations at affordable prices. The key is to shop around and find something within your budget.

If you need any further help when it comes to getting your rest this winter, making sure you have all the right bedding for those cold nights, get in touch with the Sleep and Snooze team.


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