How to Design Your Small Studio Apartment to Make It Seem Larger

First added 2nd August 2021

By Lewis Ridley

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When you’re living in a vibrant city, whether it be London or Paris, space can be an issue in a small studio apartment, flat, or house. Trying to accommodate all your belongings and make them appear nice is difficult, but that's all a part of the excitement of small-space design. It's even more rewarding in the end when you come up with ingenious answers to those hurdles.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to make the most out of a box room, these small space design ideas will make it feel much bigger while retaining the same level of functionality.

Think Small

It's all about proportions when it comes to small-space furniture. Simply described, if, for example, a bed or sofa scrapes up against the room's walls, it's too big! Always allow a little space between the sides of your furniture and the walls to provide the impression of space.

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To prevent this from happening, it is always wise to measure your room before you purchase furniture. Don’t overcrowd your room for the sake of buying a pretty piece of furniture. Living comfortably is more important. For bedrooms in small studio apartments, we recommend small double beds with storage. And if you do desire bold statement pieces of furniture in living rooms, instead invest in art you can hang on the wall. Don’t take up valuable living space if you just don’t have it.

Clever Room Dividers

When you live in a tiny home, your sleep and living areas may eventually overlap, which isn't ideal for your sleep patterns. However, smart room dividers can help you get the most out of your floor plan. They establish distinct living zones, rooms inside rooms, and provide plenty of privacy.

Whether you have an open-plan home or a small studio apartment, invest in bed curtains, bookshelves, or shutters. These will successfully divide and distinguish spaces. By doing this, you will create the illusion of more rooms.

Keep Furniture Low to the Ground

When designing your studio apartment, choose furniture that is low to the ground. Sofas, beds, coffee tables, all of them should be as low as possible. This will create a sense of airiness and openness as there will be greater space above them.

For bedrooms, there are plenty of low-rise beds to consider. Look at our Lambert Faux Leather Bed Frame, it's sleek and stylish leaving a small space below the base to allow light to flow through.

Choose Lighter Colours Over Dark

If you’re looking to boost the perceptual size of a room, opt for a lighter colour scheme. White helps to reflect and bounce light around space. By using white or light paint on walls, as well as white or cream furniture, you can create a roomy, inviting space.

Dark and bright heavy colours absorb light. They are not ideal for small studio flats as they can make space seem smaller than it is. If you feel like adding a splash of colour, you can use various accessories to give a room some creative personality. Cushions, pillows, and throws can all be used to add colour and texture to an otherwise plain, white room.


Leggy Furniture

The furniture you choose for your studio apartment plays an extremely influential role in the mood of a room and sense of space. Whilst you may be short of space, you can still create the illusion of it with furniture with legs. Streamlined furniture allows light and air to flow not only over, but also under and around it, giving your room an instant wider appearance. To achieve this look in bedroom designs, choose a metal bed frame or wooden bed.

Use Big Curtains Which Fall to the Floor

Floors, walls, and furniture is not the only way to make a room seem bigger – you can also use the ceilings to create space!

By using big curtains that fall from the ceiling straight to the floor, you make the ceiling look taller. However, with such big curtains, be sure to tuck them away when they’re not in use. You don’t want to shrink a room by adding big, bulky curtains to it.

The only thing you might have to consider when using bigger curtains is the price tag. Large curtains, depending on the material and brand, can carry a larger price. Make sure to do your shopping to find the best deal.

Remove Any Mess

Clutter and mess can make any space appear small. Think of your desk at work or home – when it's messy, you suddenly feel like you have no space for anything, not even your laptop. Organising your belongings can give you a ton of extra space.

If you're looking to improve the perceived size of a bedroom, the first thing you'll want to tidy up is the floordrobe. Over time, small socks or pants might end up on the floor, particularly if you work long days and don't have the energy to walk over to the laundry bin. Don't worry, we've all been there! Make sure to get all those loose bits and bobs where they should be, and you'll soon see your room expanding in no time.

Clutter can also come from too many small accessories. If you find your room is feeling a little smaller, look to see if you have too much stuff. If anything can be put into drawers or storage, move it. By adding a pinch of minimalism to your room, you'll be able to make it bigger and roomier.

Reflective Surfaces are Your Friend

Similarly to the tip about white colour schemes, mirrors and reflective surfaces can help spread light through an open space. If you’re looking to make a small room feel larger, adding reflective accessories and accents can make a huge difference.

You can start with the basics at first, such as a mirror. Later down the line, you can start to add more stylish items, such as a mirrored top on a coffee table or chest of drawers. However, be careful not to go over the top. The last thing you want is for your room to look like a hall of mirrors.

Try Hidden Storage to Produce More Space

Our last tip involves using furniture to your advantage. Instead of having storage boxes or an additional chest of drawers, why not get beds and sofas with storage built in!

Depending on what room you’re trying to make bigger, there are plenty of options available. If you’re styling a bedroom, using something like a ottoman bed can provide a ton of extra storage for clothes, shoes, and books, etc. If you want to make a big difference, you can even get rid of your TV stand with a TV bed.

In either case, with a bit of creativity and the right furniture, you can remove those clunky storage items and have a 2-in-1 system for keeping everything organised!

If you have a studio apartment, flat or small house and want to make it bigger, the tips above should provide you with lots of inspiration to create more room. By using white colours, moving furniture, and trying different storage options, you can create your dream home.

For additional help, get in touch with our team here. We'll give you all the advice and recommendation you need.


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