9 Grey Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration

First added 16th July 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

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The colour grey has become increasingly more popular over the past decade in the world of interior design. Due to its calming effects and versatility, grey is the perfect base colour to incorporate into your bedroom decor. It has become the go-to neutral shade. And we are not just talking about grey painted walls. Think grey storage beds, bedroom accessories such as curtains and bedding, plus furniture.

Take a look at our stylish grey bedroom ideas to inspire your new grey bedroom...

Scandinavian Grey Bedroom Design

You can introduce Scandinavian vibes into your sleeping space by incorporating neutral colours of grey and off-whites. Next, add simplistic wood furniture to complete the look. Scandinavian interior design should be effortless and minimalistic placing functionality above aesthetics.

For a Scandi-inspired bed frame, take a look at our sleek grey upholstered Lambert bed design. To complete the look, add white bedding, a rustic wooden floor, and let natural light flow into the room. A Scandinavian bedroom design should be peaceful with lots of open space.

Grey Beds

If you have a blank canvas of a bedroom, start with a grey bed. Introducing a grey colour scheme into a room doesn’t mean you have to paint all the walls grey. Instead, add colour through bedroom furniture. A grey bed is a simple way to create a modern look without costing a lot of money. Combine the grey bed frame with pastel-colored walls or black and white décor to create a balanced and calm atmosphere.

Shop our wide range of modern grey beds here. From king sized grey storage beds to space saving beds, there is one suitable for all sleeping environments.

Painted Frames

If you’re afraid grey painted walls will darken your space and make it seem small, why not paint the door and window frames instead? This will create a striking grey bedroom aesthetic. It is a bold design idea that will catch your eye as soon as you walk into the room. For an extremely dramatic look, paint the frames a dark shade of grey and keep your walls light. The contrasting colours will look amazing.

Soft Furnishings

For individuals who don’t want to pick up a paintbrush any time soon but just love the idea of a grey bedroom, add pops of grey with rugs, throws, curtains, and cushions. It's easy to do and can add a lot of personality. Using relaxing tones of grey with soft textures can help you get a good night's sleep while also adding style to your room. You can really transform a bedroom without breaking the bank.

To help aid sleep, choose a blackout blind to keep light to a minimum. It would also make a massive difference to your room decor to add some detail with luxurious fabric curtains. Match the shade of the curtains to your grey bed frame to complete the look.

Grey Colour Schemes

As grey is such a versatile colour, there are many colours you can pair with it in your bedroom. Next, we look at different grey colour schemes to inspire you to think creatively when decorating.

Coordinated Greys

A coordinated all-grey bedroom can look sophisticated, comfortable, and elegant. To keep the bedroom welcoming, stick to a neutral palette and layer with different fabrics and textures. Keep the colour scheme consistent with matching furniture such as bedside tables, wardrobes, and drawers.

Lead Grey

Choose a bold architectural grey, such as Plummett in bedrooms to create an industrial, modern vibe. This grey is designed to mimic the colour of lead and increases the intensity of colour in smaller rooms. With hints of blue, lead grey is dramatic and will applause white crisp bedding.

Pink and Grey

Pink and grey are a beautiful colour combination for a bedroom. It is perfect to create a calm and stylish look that welcomes you in every night. Pink tones, whether they are delicate, dusky, or vibrant, go nicely with grey and can instantly brighten up a room.

Green and Grey

Green and grey is a popular bedroom colour combination as it brings you back to nature making you feel at peace. To enhance shades of green, add decorative plants to your bedroom. If you decide to go with a cool mid-tone grey, pair it with a cool green such as light olive. Cool colours charm one another.

Yellow and Grey

To make a bold statement in a bedroom, contrast a solid grey with a bright yellow. Don’t worry about yellow being too vibrant as a calm grey will soften the intensity of yellow. If you are not totally convinced, add small touches of yellow with cushions and bedding.

For more bedroom design inspiration, read The Top Bedroom Interior Designs Trends of 2021.

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