Spooky Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas 

First added 24th September 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

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Get ready to create the most spooktacular and spectacular bedroom with our Halloween decoration ideas! Whether you're designing your own spooky sleeping space or your children's, here you'll find the most creepy and creative DIY crafty tips.

Boo! It’s a Bed!

As your bed and mattress set is the largest piece of bedroom furniture in the room - you can create a spooky atmosphere just by transforming this alone. Start by adding some carved pumpkins around your bed. Either on bedside tables or simply on the floor - the more the spookier!

To frighten people as they enter the room, place scary skeletons on the end of your bed. Using a stencil, cardboard, and scissors, you can easily craft these yourself. It‘s the perfect Halloween activity to do with kids.

Bedding in Disguise

An easy way to turn your bedroom into a spooktacular wonderland is to change your bed linen. Add orange, black, beetle juice, or celestial bedding with quirky Halloween-inspired pillows. You could even choose a theme such as a haunted house, ghosts, pumpkin harvest, monster mash, or villains!

Creepy Spider Web Headboard

Headboard decorations are a great way to add creepiness to your bedroom. Take some cotton wool balls and stretch them out to mimic a spider's web. You can drape them over your headboard and around your window for a quick and easy Halloween decoration.

You could even craft some DIY paper spiders to sit on the web. Simply scrunch up black tissue paper to create the body, stick on some googly eyes, and stick-on black pipe cleaners for the legs. And there you have it, an incy wincey spider!

Window Monsters

Even when you're not at home, these mysterious creatures can keep an eye on the street. They'll look fantastic when kids knock on your door for trick or treat. Print some monster templates, trace them onto paper, then cut them out. Again this is a fun Halloween craft idea you can do with your kids - they'll be so excited hanging them in their bedroom window.

Ghostly Garlands

These look amazing hung around stylish black metal bed frames and walls. Our favourite Halloween-themed garlands are bats, ghosts, pumpkins and witch hats.

Using paper, cut out your chosen shape with scissors. Next, attach as many as you want to a piece of string. If you're designing a garland to fit across your headboard, it's a good idea to know the measurments of your mattress before you start.


Frightening Door Décor

You don't need to be a wizard to decorate your bedroom door for Halloween. There are so many fun, festive, and scary ideas you can experiment with. You can hang wreaths, decorate with broomsticks, pumpkin cut-outs, spiders, and webs, or even monsters!

A ghostly graveyard theme is one of the spookiest and scariest of ideas. Attach cardboard "wood" planks, cobwebs, and mini tombstones to the door. Don't forget to paint a "KEEP OUT!" sign, it's marvelous for keeping out younger siblings.

Luminous Lighting Ideas

Lighting is crucial. Using candles and warm lighting can create an eerie atmosphere. Light strings can be woven into your headboard to provide some ambiance and importantly, spookiness. Or, you can get creative by placing candles in old wine bottles or pumpkins. Dim your bedroom light low, light the candles and watch your sleep space transform into a haunted bedchamber.

For more exciting activity ideas for kids (not just Halloween ones!), read How to Create Special Memories with your Grandchildren. And, theres plenty more bedroom design ideas to be found on our Snooze Hub.


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