How to Design the Perfect White Room

First added 16th July 2021

By Lewis Ridley

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If you’re looking for a colour that’ll go with every interior design trend that the world has to offer, then white is the ideal colour. It is extremely versatile and can make a room appear bigger and brighter than it actually is.

However, the coldness of white is what makes it so flexible. Without any other colour in the room, white colour schemes can become dull and mundane. Of course, in living spaces and bedrooms this is not a desirable aesthetic or mood. But, with a little added personality from accessories and colour, your sleeping space with a white bed can begin to look like an interior designer’s dream.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to lend a hand and help you add a splash of colour to a white room. If you’re looking to add energy and personality to your home, continue to read on as we share some interior design tips.

Experiment with Textures

Sometimes, colour isn’t what you need. White rooms can look roomy and bright but also, flat, and uninteresting at times. With a bit of added texture, you can give the room a fresh look without comprising the overall aesthetic.

The best way to add texture to a white room is through accessories. Experiment with pillows with sequins and tassels, or a thick knitted wool throw. You can even use these to add a pop of colour.

Texture can also be found in certain finishes. Window ledges can be finished to appear rustic, and fireplaces can be left with exposed brick. When it comes to adding texture to your white room, there is no limit to your creativity.

Introduce the Colour Green

Indoor plants are a massive trend in the world of interior design. If you’re looking to add natural colours to your room and also improve the air quality, adding greenery could be the next step.

However, not everyone has green fingers, and many plants require maintenance – something that not everyone has time for. Instead, purchase an artificial plant, it will not improve your air quality but it will look amazing.

Using floral accessories, such as pillows, and wall hangings can have a similar impact. With pictures of jungles and various leaves, you can give a bedroom a botanical vibe bringing you close to nature.

Create Contrast with Black

To add depth to a room and create a dramatic contrast of colour, add tones of black to your room. With a monochrome look, you can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to space.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate black into a room design, is by painting an accent wall or add black accents to furniture and accessories. If you feel black is too bold, you can use dark browns, mochas, and greys instead.

Try adding black frames to beds and tables. Accompany the furniture with black light fixtures and a few black pillows and you will start to form a beautiful modern bedroom. With a few touches here and there, you’ll found the perfect harmony of contrasting colours.

Add Metallics

When trying to devise a luxury feel in your white bedroom, try opting for a metallic finish on accents. With metals like copper or brass, you can add warmth to the room and produce a quick and easy high-end aesthetic.

The fantastic thing about adding metallic styles is how easy it is. You don’t have to add a lot to get the effect you’re looking for. Simply add some metallic finished legs on furniture or a mirrored surface on a bedside table. These small changes can make a room feel luxurious and elegant.

For an additional touch of sophistication, experiment with metallic candles and micro accessories. Try not to get too carried away, as tempting as it is, you don’t want your white room turning into a disco ball.

Add a Touch of Wood

Similar to adding plants, wood can help create a natural feel in an otherwise plain white room. Wood can also give warmth, texture, and drama to interiors. You could cover an entire wall with wood or find a quirky wooden headboard.

Wooden furniture and picture frames can add rustic personality to a plain white bedroom. Experiment with dark and light woods in your accessories to create the perfect Scandinavian aesthetic. If you want to build the ultimate woodland paradise, include a wooden bed.

With the addition of warm, timber tones, you’ll have a trendy white room with character in abundance sooner than you think.

Add Warmth with Lighting

A big reason why people choose a white room is for the brightness. White helps to reflect natural light, making a small room seem bigger and more open. However, when darkness falls, a white room can start to lose its appeal.

This is why you should carefully consider lighting when you’re styling your room. In the evening, you want to create a relaxing, inviting mood. You can achieve this with warm lighting.

Try placing warm lamps on your bedside table. If you have a double bed, you can have one on either side to create a fuller effect. If you have a mantlepiece, place LED candles on the top. With all of this in place, your white room will have a cosy, comforting vibe.


White rooms can make a room feel bigger and brighter, but they can also result in dull interior designs. Don’t let this put you off painting your bedroom white, livening up your white room is easy and can be done on a relatively small budget. With a few metallics, woods, and contrasting colours, you can create an inviting space that is sure to wow guests.

Hopefully, you have found the above tips useful. If you need any further advice or need help finding the right bed for your white room, get in touch with the team today.


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