Crafty Ideas To Save Space In Your Small Bedroom

First added 11th June 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

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Figuring out how to maximise space in a small bedroom can be tough, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But fear not, there are plenty of crafty ways to create and maximise space. This means learning how you can take advantage of small room space with DIY storage ideas and storage beds.

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This article will list a host of insanely clever small bedroom storage ideas that you can either fix up yourself or invest in without breaking the bank. So, read on and learn how to utilise space in a small bedroom.

1. DIY Storage Beds

If you have a small bedroom and you’re great with a set of tools, you can save money and an abundance of space by building a DIY platform bed with built‐in storage. Firstly, you will need to build a storage base that is big and strong enough to hold the weight of yourself, your partner (if you share a bed) and your mattress. A good idea is to set your DIY bed frame to the size of a small double mattress. This way if you share a bed, you will have enough room to sleep comfortably while not losing out on too much floor space.

Also, make sure you include either drawers or storage pockets in the base so that you can store away your belongings. DIY platform beds are fantastic for small bedrooms as they tend to sit low on the ground and expose more vertical space.

2. Hang Shoes On Doors

If you love a decluttered bedroom but don't want to pay for fancy shoe organisers or take up room with storage chests, you can simply make a DIY pegboard on the back of your wardrobe door. Or, you can attach self‐adhesive hooks. You don’t have to use them solely for shoes, you can hang anything you want! Jewellery, bags, scarves, etc. This is a cheap and effective way of maximising space in a small bedroom as you will not take up any floor space.

3. Small Double Storage Beds

It can sometimes be difficult when you share a small bedroom with a partner, as double beds take up a lot of floor space. Instead, try a small double bed or if storage is important too, invest in a small double storage bed. These are slightly smaller than a regular double and will create more space in your small bedroom.

They are also a good small bedroom storage idea, as regardless of the storage bed you choose (divan or ottoman), they will provide a clever storage space for you to hide away your clutter. For more information and style advice, check out our guide to storage beds.

4. Use Your Radiator as a Shelf

Instead of leaving your radiator uncovered, you can employ the space in a small bedroom by either building a DIY radiator cover or purchasing one. Either way this is a good idea as you can use it as a shelf to store books, photo frames or plants. Therefore, radiator shelves can also add to your bedroom design if you creatively fill the space. This is a much better way of using this space and preventing it from going to waste.

It's often also worth installing your shelf a little above the radiator to ensure you remain efficient with how you heat your room. You'll also need to ensure the wood you use won't warp over time with heat.

5. Single Storage Beds

When space is particularly narrow in a small bedroom, you may need a single storage bed. With this, you can save space and create storage! If you are up to the challenge and want to save money, you can purchase some reclaimed wood and build a DIY single bed. Or you can find value single storage beds that stick to your budget. Either way, a single bed will open a lot of floor space so that you have more room to live comfortably.

6. Floating Shelves

A truly clever storage idea, consider installing floating shelves in a small bedroom. Not only do they create a quirky and contemporary bedroom aesthetic but also provide ample storage. Cheap and cost‐effective, this small room idea is fantastic for utilising wall space. If you’re somebody who loves to read books or collect ornaments or figures, floating shelves will perfectly show off your collection.

7. Drawer Organisers

Most of us have drawer organisers in our kitchen to store cutlery neatly away. Why not maximise drawer space in our bedrooms too? You can use a drawer organiser to make the most out of the space in your desk or dressing table. This will keep all your things in place and allow you to fit more in the drawer. If you are crafty and great with DIY, you could make your own DIY drawer organiser for your socks and underwear with some cheap materials from a local home improvements store.

8. Add Risers to Your Bed

Another quick and easy way of creating space in your small bedroom is putting your bed on bed risers. They are relatively cheap to purchase and will elevate your bed, creating more storage space underneath. This is the perfect way to maximise space when you’re on a budget. The extra few inches the bed rises will mean you can fit storage boxes under the bed. Which can prevent the need for an extra chest of drawers that will take up unnecessary floor space. Remember, when shopping for bed risers, check how much weight they can hold.

9. Combine Your Desk and Bedside Table

If you work from home in a small bedroom, space is most probably limited as you need a bed and desk in your room. When this is the case, you need to be smart with your space and design ways of using multipurpose furniture. Instead of having both a desk and a separate bedside table, you can combine the two. Place your desk by your bed for a dual purpose piece of furniture. Of course, depending on the shape of your bedroom, this is not always possible. But there are other ways you can create multipurpose furniture in small spaces, for example using a desk as a dressing table.

10. DIY Window Plant Shelves

Window plant shelves are an excellent DIY small bedroom storage idea for plant lovers. If you’re someone who loves to keep plants in their bedroom, you will know it becomes addictive. One plant can soon turn into a collection of plants and before you know it you will have nowhere to put them all. Using either glass or plastic, you can install multiple shelves in your window. Not only will you save space, but your plants will be nurtured and get all the sun they need to grow. Consider lavender to help promote a healthy sleep or look to snake plants to clean the air in your room.

11. Make Space and Declutter!

The final idea we will share to maximise space in a small bedroom is to actively make space yourself and declutter. We all have clothes lying in the back of our wardrobe that we haven’t even looked at for years or books that have never been read. Not to mention those Christmas presents under our bed that we know we will never use. So, every once in a while, spend an afternoon sorting out all your belongings. Do not let anything go to waste, donate any unwanted items to your local charity shop. As the old saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

We hope we have inspired you to get crafty and create clever spaces! Remember, small bedroom storage ideas do not have to cost a fortune. There are many ways you can utilise your small bedroom space with a bit of elbow grease and DIY. For those who want a quicker solution, Sleep & Snooze offer a range of low‐cost, high‐quality bedroom solutions for those short on space.

If you're looking to save space in your small bedroom and need to update your bed. Shop our range of single and small double beds.


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