Modern Bedroom Wall Panelling Ideas

First added 24th February 2022

By Elisha Sketchley

3 min read

Are you looking to give your bedroom a revamp but keen to do so without breaking the bank? Adding wall panelling is a great way of updating your bedroom without having a major impact on your budget. If you're particularly good with a set of tools, you may find that you thoroughly enjoy making this new look for your bedroom yourself! We've put together a few bedroom wall panelling ideas to help get you started.

The panelled headboard

Adding panels above a bed to create your own unique headboard is a nice starting point if you're apprehensive about going all-in with full coverage panelling on your bedroom wall. Opting for this style of panelling is perfect for a lover of minimalism. A panelled headboard is an ideal fit for a bed that doesn't yet have a headboard.

A panelled frame

Make the wall above your bed the center of attention. Putting up panels in the style of a large frame adds definition to a bedroom wall. Giving you a designated space to put up photos, framed poster, or your favourite artwork. If you are a new homeowner and looking for inspiration on how to decorate your new bedroom, see our helpful New Homeowner Guide to Kitting Out a Bedroom.

Panel an entire wall

Opting to add modern wall panelling to an entire wall in your bedroom is a great way of making a statement. Not only does this add a personal style to a space, but it also protects the whole wall as well. Or, in some cases, could cover up some previous construction blemishes or hide any pesky exposed wiring from a television or lampshade. Full coverage wall panelling looks great next to a metal bed frame, see our range of metal beds available.


Does wall panelling make a bedroom look smaller?

If size is something you're worried about, fear not. Because panels add a little depth to a wall, many people worry this will in turn make the space look smaller, but this is not the case. Depending on the direction of the panels, they could make an illusion of a much higher ceiling or even a wider space. If you are looking to save space in your bedroom, utilising under bed storage is a must! Check out our storage beds.

Help and advice

Decorating a new home or revamping an older home can be a stressful and expensive experience. We understand this and have put together a great collection of helpful advice on budgeting while decorating, renovating, or moving home. See our Budgeting Tips for more information.


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