Feng Shui Small Bedroom Layouts that Brings Calm

First added 28th October 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

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With the guidance of feng shui, even the most compact box bedrooms may be designed in a way that promotes serenity and relaxation. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese perspective based on the notion that everything has energy. The goal is to find the right balance of the five natural elements (fire, wood, metal, water, and earth). And doing so in a sleep space is thought to impact our quality of sleep.

Using feng shui principles, here we will share compact bedroom layouts to help you organise your single or small double. They will make sure energy is balanced so that you feel calm at night.


Place Your Bed in Commanding Position

The best position for your bed in any bedroom according to feng shui is in a commanding position. Here your bed is against the wall opposite the door and on the other side of the room. You will have an entire view of your sleep space with the foot of the bed extending into the room.

One variation of this layout idea is to align the bed with the back wall and the headboard with the wall that is perpendicular to the back wall. Another option is to set it diagonally against both walls, forming a triangle with the walls. Both equally will promote good energy.

Make Your Bed

To further enhance positive energies, remember to make your bed every morning. Feng shui teacher Amanda Gibby Peter says "When we make our beds, we create order from chaos. This energy ripples into our day and its many expectations." This simple addition to your morning routine will set the tone for the day - make it a priority.

Small Bedroom Feng Shui Layout to Avoid

Some bedroom layouts do not follow feng shui ideas correctly. But there are a few ways you can overcome these problems whilst space is limited. Let's explore them.

Do not push one side of the bed against a wall. This is especially bad if you share a bed as the individual pushed up against the wall may feel uncomfortable and trapped. Instead, make sure there is space to walk around each side of your bed. If this is not possible, it might be time to downsize your bed. See our bed and mattress size guide for sizing information.

This is when you place a headboard against a window. You should avoid this bedroom layout as it exposes you to passing energies through the window which may sometimes be negative. If you have no other option in a tiny sleeping environment, you can prevent the flow of energy by hanging large curtains that meet your floor. Make sure you close them tightly at nighttime.

You should avoid a bedroom layout where your feet point at the door whilst lying down. This is known as the coffin position as when an individual sadly passes away they are carried out of a room foot first - an image that does not create a good flow of energy.

The Chinese perspective also considers doors as energy drains. Your feet aligned with the door will allow all your energy to leave the room. If there is no way to avoid this, place a chest of drawers at the end of your bed or add a high footboard.

Remove Clutter

If you have an ultimate storage, small double bed, carefully consider what you have stored under there. While you're sleeping in a passive "yin" state, the items under our mattresses can have a negative effect on our sleep if they are a symbol of or cause subconscious life barriers. For example, objects that remind you of a time in your life when you were unhappy or photographic memories of past relationships.

If this sounds like what's underneath your storage bed, it's time to declutter! Ideally, there should be free space underneath your bed to let positive energies flow. However, this is not always possible, especially in a box room. So if you must utilise this space- only store sleep-rated items such as bedding.

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Incorporate Metal

As we know in feng shui, the five natural elements are used to create harmony. As one of these is of course metal, a fantastic way to get started with the elements in a small bedroom is to incorporate a metal bed frame. It will help with clarity, productivity, calming, and balancing energies.

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Feng shui for small bedrooms is simple with the right knowledge. We understand that with a small space you are limited to what you can and can't do. But, hopefully, there's one idea you can take away from this for a great night's sleep. For more inspiration, make sure your read 7 Bedroom Design Tips to Improve Your Happiness.


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