The Best Beds for Teenagers

First added 1st February 2022

By Sophia Rimmer

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Once your children enter their teenage years, it may be time to upgrade their bed. As teens mature and become taller, they need more space to stretch their legs. Or maybe they need extra storage if they have the smaller bedroom in the house. Here, we're going to explore cool beds for teens, and not forgetting practical!

Cool Beds for Teens

Teenagers may want a cool and stylish bed that they can show off to their friends when they come round to visit. A high-tech TV bed is perfect for them. Not only do they look modern, but they are also a practical space saver as you can hide a TV away in the foot end of the bed. If you parent teens you'll probably know how much they enjoy spending time in their bedroom listening to music, watching TV, or even playing video games. So we're sure they'll love a TV bed!

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Another super cool bed for a teen is a metal bed frame. They are great for young adults as they are extremely sturdy and durable. Plus, they look amazing! Take a look at our Chadwick metal frame in black. It's ideal for both teenage girls' and boys' bedrooms. The simplistic design will never go out of style and it will last them throughout their adolescence.

The Best Space Saving Beds for Teenagers

There are some fantastic space saving beds available for teenagers with small rooms. One of which is a small double bed, it is a little smaller than a double. So, teens will still get extra space than a single to grow and move around comfortably. And you can fit them in narrow bedrooms.

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Storage Beds for Teens

Does your teen have a messy bedroom? We're sure many mums and dads are nodding their heads whilst ready this! If so, it may be time to invest in a storage bed. The best storage beds for teenagers are ottoman and divan styles. Both options have practical under-bed storage that'll help teens keep their bedrooms neat and tidy. We have teenager single beds with storage right up to king size.

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A popular bed size for teens is double. This will provide ample room for them, and you can find them in storage styles. Look at our grey ottoman divan base. The functional storage compartment will come in handy for school and college books.

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Mums and dads, we hope we've helped you find the best bed for your teens. If you need any further bed advice, visit our guides hub.


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