Why You Should Make Your Bed In The Morning

First added 4th June 2021

By Sophia Rimmer

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Bed making comes second nature to those of us who had it drilled into our morning routine as a child. However, for others, it can be a daunting or pointless task.. After all, once nighttime arrives we are going to jump straight back in. If you're the kind who has a handful of excuses for not making their bed, you are missing out on the positive effects that come with the habit. Here, we'll explore the benefits and provide tips on how to make your bed too.

Four Reasons to Start Making Your Bed

When you do spare a few moments in the morning to straighten up your bedsheets and pulp your pillows, the positive repercussions are greater than the effort required. Here are four reasons why:

1. Sets The Tone For The Day

Making the bed in the morning starts your day off right. That's because it sets the tone for the entire day. It may seem like a minuscule accomplishment but the rewards are big. In 2014 William McRaven, a former United States Navy officer shared his wise words on the matter. He said:



If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.


So, next time you wake up and think to yourself "I can't be bothered bed making today" remember William McRaven's words of advice.

2. Making Your Bed Can Lead to Better Productivity

Charles Duhigg recognises making your bed as a "keystone habit" in his book The Power of Habit. He defines keystone habits as "small changes or habits that people introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives".

He also says, "making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget". This means that your bed-making routine should lead to a productive day of ticking off your to-do list.

3. Creates a Positive Mindset and Lowers Stress

On average, individuals spend a third of their life in their bedroom. The state of your bedroom can drastically affect your mood. For most people, it is impossible to completely relax when there is clutter and disorganisation nearby. When things are not in the correct place, it can become hard to concentrate and motivate yourself. The small task of making the bed is the first step to decluttering your room and your mind too.

A made bed can instantly lift your mood and create a calming space for you to relax. It projects positive feelings and allows you to believe that you care about yourself and your home. And the best part of this is that you are in control. You decide your morning routine which in turn helps set your mood for the day.

Hunch.com conducted a survey of 68,000 people on the matter. The results showed that 69% of people don’t make their bed in the morning. 27% replied that they do while the remaining 12% had their housekeeper make the bed.

Interestingly, 62% of people who don’t make their bed said they are unhappy. To support these findings, Gretchen Rubin in her research for her book “The Happiness Project” found that one of the most common changes that an individual can make to improve their happiness is learning to make the bed. This again suggests a strong correlation between making the bed and improved happiness.

4. A Perfectly Made Bed Is the Perfect End to The Day

After a chaotic day of facing all the challenges that life brings, there is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly made bed. There is something about getting into a made bed that encourages feelings of happiness and positivity. Regardless of a stressful day at work or with the kids, a tidy bedroom will set you up for a good night's rest. Sleep environments are commonly ignored but they do play an important role in how well we sleep.

What Is The Best Sleep Environment?

There are a few simple changes you can make to your bedroom to enhance your sleeping environment. Firstly, your bedroom should be at a cool temperature. Fresh air and ventilation are associated with better sleep and helps to prevent mould growth which can lead to other health problems.

You should also ensure your bedroom is dark and quiet. Avoid any bright screens before bed and put some time aside to wind down. Your sleep environment should be as peaceful and relaxing as possible.

One of the major factors that can improve your sleep environment is the quality of your mattress. If your mattress is not comfortable and is causing you back and sleep problems, it may be time to replace it.

For further reading, take a look at our guide The Best Mattress For Bad Backs and Back Pain.

How To Make Your Bed

If you have already been making your bed every morning then, of course, keep scrolling. But for individuals who need a helping hand, we have put together a few helpful tips and advice on how to make your bed.

  • Firstly, clear the bed of its pillows and the duvet but keep the sheet on.
  • Straighten up the sheet and remove the creases.
  • Make sure the sheet is fitted tightly around the corners of the mattress. You may need to lift the corners to tuck it under.
  • Once the sheet is looking neat, lay your duvet or blanket evenly over the top of the bed.
  • Fold the top edges of the duvet slightly over keep the duvet completely flat.
  • Finally, add the finishing touch of the pillows and decorative pillows (if you have any). Remember to plump your pillows before you place them onto your bed to ensure they look their best.

Tomorrow morning, consider the 4 reasons why you should make your bed and see is it a life-hack rather than a chore. If you are somebody who struggles to get a good night's rest and is looking for advice, read our The Best Type Of Mattress Based On Your Sleeping Position Guide.

For more information on finding a new mattress and bed, please contact our friendly customer service team. We are always happy to help.


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