Mattress Toppers

Add a little luxury to your bed with a mattress topper. Toppers add cushioning and comfort to your matttress, the perfect solution if your mattress is a tad too firm or too soft. Browse our range of mattress toppers available in a range of types and sizes below.

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What is a mattress topper?

As the name suggests, a mattress topper is an additional layer you place on top of your mattress. They are primarily designed to provide extra luxury and comfort without having to purchase a new mattress. They're available with a range of technologies, from latex and gel layers through to memory foam.

Why choose a mattress topper?

Choosing a mattress topper offers a range of benefits. From extra comfort to preventing aches and pains, there's plenty of reasons to consider one for your bed and mattress. We'll explore each reason to choose a mattress topper in more detail below:

1. Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing a mattress topper. Depending on the type you choose, you'll be able to increase the firmness of your mattress or make it softer and more luxurious. For a firmer surface, look to memory foam mattress toppers. Those who prefer a softer, more fluid surface are best looking to latex and gel mattress toppers.

2. Health

For those who struggle with back-aches and other sleep related pains, mattress toppers can help provide extra support and keep your spine aligned. Memory foam toppers are ideal as they respond to your body shape and keep your natural alignment. They even prevent tossing and turning through the night, meaning you'll be well rested and more likely to wake up pain-free.

3. Cost

Budget is always a key factor, whatever your purchase. Mattress toppers provide a budget friendly mattress update, without having to pay for a whole new mattress. For those who aren't fond of their mattress but aren't yet ready to buy a mattress, a mattress topper could give you the update you need.

Use the pricing filters at the top of the page to arrange by price. Our mattress topper collection offers toppers for every price point, ensuring you and your loved ones can get the support you deserve, whatever your budget.

4. Mattress technology

As mentioned, mattress toppers offer the chance for forward-thinking mattress technology without having to buy a brand-new mattress. Our collection of mattress toppers has a range of options, from memory foam to latex, firm to soft and plenty more.

5. Protection

If you're only looking to protect your mattress from spills and wear and tear, mattress protectors are a little cheaper and probably more aligned with your needs. That said, mattress toppers do provide a similar extra layer of protection and can help prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

What is the best mattress topper for my sleeping position?

Choosing a mattress topper can be more complex than you first realise. A key consideration is to match your topper to your sleeping position. Each sleeping position requires a different level of support for your neck, back and pressure points such as shoulders and hips. Here, we'll explore which type of mattress topper is best for your style of sleep:

Side sleeper

Side sleepers require a softer mattress surface to account for pressure points such as the shoulders and hips. If you sleep on your side and your mattress feels a little firm, consider a soft mattress topper that enhances cushioning and contours the body. Latex and gel mattress toppers are a good idea in these circumstances.

Front sleeper

Those who sleep on their front need quite a lot of support from their mattress. This is to ensure your spine doesn't arch unnaturally through the night. A firmer surface is best for front sleepers so look for medium to firm mattress toppers. Often, memory foam mattress toppers are ideal for this sleeping position.

Back sleeper

Similar to front sleepers, back sleepers also need a fair amount of support from their mattress and mattress topper. Medium firmness mattress toppers all the way up to very firm are the ideal option here. These ensure your body won't arch or sag in the night and ensure you wake up pain-free and ready for the day.

For any more questions or advice on mattress toppers, email us at [email protected]. And remember to check out our mattress protectors for an even more affordable approach to mattress protection.