Single Beds

Single beds are great for little ones and teens through to guests. From divans to ottomans and metal through to faux leather, our range of single bed frames has a choice for every décor and every budget.

Divan bedsSimple bed bases often on wheels with storage. Headboards can be added.
Leather bedsUpholstered bed frames in smooth, sleek faux leather.
Metal bedsTraditional bed frames crafted from metal with a variety of finials to choose from.
Upholstered bedsTactile bed frames wrapped in fabric, often padded for comfort.
Wooden bedsSturdy bed frames crafted from wood for a rustic look.
DrawersHandy underbed drawers that are ideal for storing spare bed linen.
No storageBed frames with no storage compensate with their decorative flair.
OttomanLifting easily from the base, ottomans offer a roomy storage compartment.
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What Is The Size Of A Single Bed?

Single beds are typically 90cm wide and 190cm long. In imperial measurements, this equates to 3ft in width by 6ft 3inches in length. These measurements are the same dimensions as a single mattress. Certain single beds, metal for example, extend beyond these measurements because of their frames. If you need your single bed to stick to the exact dimensions identified above, opt for a single divan bed. Single divans never go beyond the width of the mattress.

What Type Of Single Bed Do I Need?

There are plenty of different types of single beds. In terms of value, storage beds are often a great first place to look. Here, we'll explore the differences between the bulk of our single bed range.

Ottoman Single Beds

Ottoman beds are great for extra storage and saving space. The mattress lifts up and allows you to use the space beneath to store clothes, spare bedding and any other items you deem fit. Single ottoman beds are great because they're usually placed in a room which is tight on space, such as a guest or box room. The extra storage space is therefore twice as valuable!

Divan Single Beds

Divans are another type of storage bed, and again, great for single bedrooms. But unlike ottomans, access to the storage space is through drawers in the base. They're generally a little cheaper than ottomans and therefore great for those on a budget.

Choosing A Single Bed Frame Style

As well as the type of single bed, you'll also want to consider the style. From budgetfriendly upholstered divans, ornate metal beds, and stylish faux leather, there are plenty of single bed frames for all room types, décor trends, and budgets.

Metal Single Bed Frames

Single metal beds offer longevity and style in equal measure. Expect everything from modern metal frames through to more ornate and classic styles. Easy to clean and with simple setups, they're ideal for a wide range of needs.

Upholstered Single Bed Frames

Upholstered bed frames refer to everything from budget-friendly, polyester divans right through to luxury faux leather ottomans. Available in a range of colours, styles, budgets and more, upholstered frames are a great starting place when considering a new bed.