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Mattresses are the key to improved sleep quality, and choosing the right one is incredibly important. Our range features every type of mattress you could possibly think of at competitive prices, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whichever size or comfort grade you require, luxury and value for money are guaranteed.

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Hybrid mattressesA mixture of springs plus gel/foam layers for brilliant pressure relief.
Memory foam mattressesFoam that gives a luxurious sinking-in feeling and adapts to your position.
Pocket spring mattressesSprings wrapped in fabric pockets for even bodyweight distribution.
Traditional spring mattressesSpring units with connected springs for great-value support.
FirmRecommended for back and front sleepers.
Very FirmRecommended for back sleepers.
MediumRecommended for side and front sleepers.
RelyonExceptionally comfortable mattresses you can 'rely-on' with natural fibres.
Rest For LessWith a variety of fillings available, each mattress offers great value and quality for money.
Rest n RiseNext generation memory foam mattresses for comfort and support.
SealyDiscover innovative Posturepedic Technology™ for reinforced support and comfort.
Shut-EyeCreated for inducing shut-eye, these mattresses have high pocket spring counts.
SilentnightRenowned for their excellent value for money and high customer ratings.
SleepeezeeDiscover fine materials such as wool, silk, latex, cashmere and memory foam.
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