Super King Beds

Our super king size beds exude grandeur and opulence. At 6ft wide, super kings are the largest bed frame available, offering a regal quality to deluxe bedrooms. Our range of super king bed frames consist of a variety of budget options in an array of styles and designs.

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How Big Is A Super King Size Bed?

A super king size bed is 6ft wide and 6ft 6in tall, resulting in the most substantial sized bed frame on the market. The ultimate in magnificent luxury, this extended size is only suitable for the largest bedrooms with sufficient width.

Ideal for couples, the extra width of a super king bed frame gives ample space to stretch out. They’re also perfect for restless sleepers, as the added freedom reduces the likelihood of disturbing their partner through tossing and turning. Similarly, the extra space is perfect for those who require added lumbar support, as it allows the user to fully stretch out.

What Are The Different Types Of Super King Bed?

Our super king size beds come in a wide range of functionalities and materials to meet all requirements. Whether you’re looking for a simple super king bed or looking to utilised hidden storage compartments, our range has everything you’re looking for at competitive prices.

Super King Size Storage Beds

Even the largest bedrooms can benefit from added storage. Choosing a super king size storage bed also expands the amounts of bedroom that they’re suitable for, as the storage functionality could take the place of cumbersome furniture if you see fit. Our super king ottomans and divans make the most of the space below the bed, to keep your floor clear of clutter and the surrounding area fresh at all times.

Super King Size Wooden Beds

Super king size wooden bed frames are as durable as they come, designed with added strength for a long-lasting finish. A classic design which never goes out style, our extra large wooden beds offer a breathe of fresh air, bringing a natural edge to any space.

Super King Size Metal Beds

Super king metal bed frames are widely heralded for their versatility and our range is no different. Suitable for use alongside both traditional and modern décor, this timeless style can seamlessly take pride of place in all bedrooms. Our metal bed frames are exceptionally durable and come in a range of finishes.

Super King Size Upholstered Beds

To add even more glamour to a super king bed frame, why not opt for an upholstered finish. Coming in a selection of materials including faux leather, our fabric bed frames are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your bedroom. A contemporary style bursting with texture and intensity, a super king size upholstered bed is the perfect companion to trendy interiors.

Super King Size Bed And Mattress Sets

As well as opulent bed frames, we also offer the full package in the form of super king size bed and mattress sets. A high value choice, these sets provide everything you need to create an extra-large sleeping space. All of our super king bed mattresses are compatible for use and come in a variety of types to suit all requirements. Simply select your desired components to enjoy a cut-price super king bed and mattress set.

How Much Do Value Super King Size Beds Cost?

Providing a touch of luxury without costing a king’s ransom, our super king size bed frame selection has been curated with affordability in mind. As the largest bed base size, prices tend to be on the higher side for this type of bed. However, our range of super king beds are affordable and long-lasting, making them a worthwhile addition to any bedroom design without breaking your budget.