Air Beds

Air beds are a convenient sleeping solution when you're on a budget and short of space. They are great for when you have guests staying over or for a fun children's sleepover. They're extremely compact and quick to blow up so you can even take them away on camping trips. See our collection of air beds below - you'll be surprised how comfortable a blow-up bed can be.

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Value & Cost

Air beds are a cost‐effective guest bed or temporary sleeping solution that does not compromise on quality and comfort. If you’re looking to save money on a spare bed, investing in one could be your best option.

At Sleep and Snooze, they start from £35. So, if you’re looking to add another bed to your home without sacrificing space, our collection can provide you with what you need at an affordable price.

Browse our collection above and find the perfect cheap air bed.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Affordable: you certainly don’t have to break the bank if you’re looking for a spare bed. As they’re made from basic materials and don’t include any space‐age tech (unlike memory foam), they carry a lower price tag.
  • Space Saving: when deflated and folded, they can be packed away into the smallest of spaces such as cupboards. Therefore, they’re superb for smaller flats and apartments.
  • Multipurpose: they can be used indoors, camping, and traveling. As they’re compact and can be pumped up in any environment.
  • Available in different sizes: single, double, and king size. There's one to suit solo sleepers or couples.

Types of Air Beds on Offer

There are two main types of air beds:

  • Automatic: some have built-in electric pumps such as the Bestway Fortech air bed, allowing you to stand aside as the bed automatically inflates.
  • Manual: these tend to be cheaper than automatic variations but do require more effort to inflate. Always read the instruction manual carefully. If you're having problems, seek help to inflate them.

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