Double Mattresses

At 4ft 6in, double mattresses are perfect for couples or solo sleepers who enjoy a bit of extra space. On offer in a whole host of styles, from pocket sprung to memory foam, a double bed mattress provides premium quality and reliability at low prices. Shop our extensive range of great value double mattresses here.

FirmVery FirmMedium
Hybrid mattresses A mixture of springs plus gel/foam layers for brilliant pressure relief.
Memory foam mattresses Foam that gives a luxurious sinking-in feeling and adapts to your position.
Pocket spring mattresses Springs wrapped in fabric pockets for even bodyweight distribution.
Traditional spring mattresses Spring units with connected springs for great-value support.
Firm Recommended for back and front sleepers.
Very Firm Recommended for back sleepers.
Medium Recommended for side and front sleepers.
Relyon Exceptionally comfortable mattresses you can 'rely-on' with natural fibres.
Rest For Less With a variety of fillings available, each mattress offers great value and quality for money.
Rest n Rise Next generation memory foam mattresses for comfort and support.
Sealy Discover innovative Posturepedic Technology™ for reinforced support and comfort.
Shut-Eye Created for inducing shut-eye, these mattresses have high pocket spring counts.
Silentnight Renowned for their excellent value for money and high customer ratings.
Sleepeezee Discover fine materials such as wool, silk, latex, cashmere and memory foam.
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What are the Dimensions of a Double Mattress?

Double mattresses are 4ft 6in wide and 6ft 3in tall. A much sought‐after combination of ample stretch and leg room, a double mattress is commonly utilised in standard-sized bedrooms by couples and those who sleep alone in equal measure.

Mattresses for double beds are among the most popular sizes on the market, exemplified by the numerous amounts of users who can benefit from them. From teenagers to couples and single adult sleepers, the size of the sleep surface provides more than enough comfort and room to get a great night's rest.

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The Perfect Double Mattress for Your Sleeping Position

Our affordable collection is available in a full range of firmness levels to suit varied sleeping styles.

If you're a lighter individual or put added pressure on your hips and joints by sleeping on your side, choose a soft mattress. Our soft double mattresses are expertly designed to counteract the weight placed on your shoulders and spine, promoting correct spinal alignment for optimal comfort.

For stomach sleepers, or those who land on the opposite end of the heaviness spectrum, our firm double mattresses are the perfect choice. The added tension offers full support to the hips and the upper body in general, keeping your body in a uniform shape for restful sleep. If you typically wake yourself up by tossing and turning, a very firm double mattress is equally effective.

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Double Mattress Types & Support

Double Memory Foam Mattresses

Perfect for receiving tailored spinal support which conforms with your specific curves, double memory foam ensures you get a peaceful night's sleep while heightening comfort and spinal support. They are manufactured using viscoelastic materials which are expertly designed to respond to the heat of your body, it’s the most responsive mattress type on the market.

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Double Pocket Spring Mattresses

With individually housed springs, a double pocket spring mattress provides a happy medium between sumptuous sinking comfort and firm support. The isolation of the springs conforms to specific body movement without sinking completely into the base. This type of mattress is therefore perfect for couples with divergent sleeping styles, as the movement of one won't disturb the other.

There's also everything from traditional spring mattresses to double latex mattresses that offer unique bodily support to make sure your spine is supported throughout the night.

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Cost & Value for Money

Hand picked to combine low prices and high levels of quality, our double mattresses start as low as £99 and contain the same levels of premium manufacturing as pricier models. To save money when you’re purchasing this product with a double bed frame, explore our bed and mattress set collection.

For more helpful advice on finding your ideal double mattress, visit our mattress and bed buying guides. And for bedroom design inspiration to help style your new furniture, take a look at our Snooze Hub.