Single Mattresses

Single mattresses are 3ft wide and 6ft 3in long, providing plenty of room for solo sleepers and teenagers. Our specially selected range of affordable single bed mattresses come in types such as memory foam and pocket sprung as well as varying firmness levels.

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What Size Are Single Mattresses?

Single mattresses are 3ft wide and 6ft 3in long, making them the perfect size for children as they outgrow their first beds as well as being able to accommodate a single adult. Single bed mattresses are also commonly used in guest bedrooms and shared accommodation such as hostels. Whether you’re looking for a temporary sleeping solution or something more permanent, the quality of our budget single mattresses are certain to fit the bill.

Single Mattress Firmness Levels

Choosing the correct firmness level for you is a crucial step when improving the quality of sleep you experience. We all sleep differently, which is why our single mattresses come in a full range of comfort gradings to appeal to all different types of sleeping position. Whether you require a cushioned, softer mattress or a firmer model with ample spinal support, our range has your needs covered.

If you sleep on your side, a softer mattress is likely to be the type you opt for. The added plushness alleviates pressure on key areas such as the hips and elbows, reducing the likelihood of you suffering any aches and pains as it spreads the body weight equally. Soft single mattresses are also a top choice for lighter individuals.

For those who sleep on their front or tend to switch between sleeping positions during the night, a medium single mattress gives all the support and cushioning they need. Somewhere in between both sides of the firmness spectrum, the medium option gives just enough firmness and allows the body to sink into the mattress at the same time.

Back sleepers and heavier individuals should opt for a firm or extra firm single mattress. This type focuses on spinal support, keeping your body aligned correctly for healthier sleep. The added firmness is also favoured for other sleep ailments and joint pain, providing a consistent, unmoving base for you to rest.

Types Of Single Mattress

Single mattresses come in a wide range of types, each featuring their own benefits which make them suited to particular sleeping requirements. Our extensive range of 3ft mattresses makes it quick and easy to choose the perfect mattress for you at a low price.

Single Memory Foam Mattresses

Our single memory foam bed mattresses are manufactured using innovative responsive materials which react once pressure is applied to them. This allows you to sink into the comfortable base as the viscoelastic material moulds around the contours of your body. Offering the ultimate in tailored comfort and support, single memory foam mattresses are a top choice for growing kids and restless sleepers.

Single Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Single pocket sprung mattresses offer the responsive benefits of memory foam with ample support to boot. With individually housed springs held within fabric pockets, the mattress responds to individual pressure, ensuring there’s no roll together. A single pocket sprung mattress will keep an individual comfortable throughout the night no matter how often they toss and turn.

Single Traditional Sprung Mattresses

The most high value mattresses on the market, the traditional single sprung mattresses are a no-nonsense sleeping solution. The open sprung design even distributes body weight without providing the cushioned individual responsiveness of the more complex designs. Despite of this and their super low price tag, they still provide plenty of quality and a great night’s sleep.

How Much Do Value Single Mattresses Cost?

Our single mattresses have been hand picked with both cost and quality in mind. Starting at competitive prices, the range is specifically geared to those with a tight budget, ensuring that quality mattresses aren’t restricted to top end prices. We offer single mattresses from some of the biggest household names in the industry at accessible price points for all budgets.