Headboards add the finishing touch to your bedroom. With a range of colours, styles, and low prices available, you can choose the perfect headboard to complement your bed! Browse our collection of single, small double, double, king size and super king sized headboards below.

Why Is A Headboard Important?

Headboards not only add a finishing touch to a divan bed base and other beds, but they also have a range of functions.

Adding a headboard will protect your wall from becoming marked or damaged, as it creates a physical barrier between you, your bed and the wall. If you toss and turn in your sleep, this barrier will also protect you from banging your head on the wall.

When it comes to personalising your bedroom, a new headboard can create a brand new style without having to buy a whole new bed. Headboards can be subtle and understated, or create a focal point in your bedroom.

Another practical feature of headboards is that they give you something to lean on. If you like to sit up reading, or enjoy a breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning, a headboard is a comfortable surface to lean on, instead of the wall. This will give support to your back allowing you to sit up in comfort.

Headboard Styles

At Sleep and Snooze, we supply a variety of headboards, there’s one to suit every décor.

Our upholstered headboards create the perfect backrest if you like to sit up in bed. These give you a plush surface to lean back on, so are not only stylish, but comfortable too.

Choose neutral tones, like a grey headboard, for a subtle style. But subtle doesn’t mean these headboards are boring. They blend seamlessly into any style but can still be a feature. These headboards can be plain if you want an understated look, but you can create a bolder style with a patterned headboard.

Stripes and button detailing can create a luxuriant finish. These little details can easily make your bed the focal point of the bedroom.

What Sizes Of Headboards Are Available?

Our headboards come in a variety of sizes to match all bed sizes in our range, from single headboards to super king.

Choose a single headboard to add a finishing touch to a child’s bedroom. A neutral colour works well here as it will easily match any décor, so no matter how often your little one’s taste changes, the headboard will still look great even if you have to redecorate the rest of the room.

Add some character to a master bedroom with a double headboard, perfect for the same sized bed. If space isn’t an issue, a king size headboard to match a king size bed can create an eye‐catching feature in the master bedroom.