On average you spend a third of your lifetime sleeping in your bed, making it exceptionally important to choose the perfect bed. We offer a fantastic collection of beds to suit all your individual requirements. Whether you’re looking for extra storage space or something stylish to add the finishing touch to your bedroom, you can find the ideal bed here.

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Our fantastic range of beds offers all UK standard sizes. No matter the size of your bedroom, we have a bed size to suit your needs.

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Our bed range is carefully manufactured in the UK using the finest of materials. They are all designed with style, function and value in mind. 

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There's so much more than just style to consider when choosing a bed frame. Our bed guides will help you understand everything you need to know about the different kinds of beds and can help you with choosing the best bed for you, whether your priorities are aesthetic, comfort or storage options.

Beds & Bed Frames

If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep then you should consider replacing your bed frame and mattress. Modern beds come with sleep enhancing qualities to ensure you never wake up tired from an uncomfortable night sleep again. Our extensive range of bed frames have been designed for the value conscious without compromising style, function and comfort. We have a bed to suit every individual's taste and personal requirements, in a size to fit any bedroom.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Bed Frame

There are a considerable number of things to consider when choosing a bed frame. At Sleep and Snooze, we have a wide range of high-quality budget bed frames to suit all your individual needs.

It is important to think about the style of bed you want. What style is going to suit your current bedroom decor? Do you want a minimalist sleek stylish metal bed or a bold, striking king size faux leather bed that is going to the focus point of your room? Matching the style and colour of your bed to your bedroom space is vital if you're someone who loves interior design.

Our bed collection consists of a distinctive range of materials, each offering your bedroom a different aesthetic. This includes metal bed frames, upholstered, wooden and faux leather beds. To give you even more options, each one of these materials offers a different type of bed frame. We have divan and ottoman storage solution beds in variety of UK standards sizes (including single, double, king and king size). Plus, beds for narrow spaces, such as bunk beds, single bed frames and sofa beds.

If there is one element all our bed frames have in common it is that they are all value beds, affordable to any household budget. Plus, they all come with fast free delivery.

Types of Beds on Offer

We have many types of beds for you to choose from, no matter your budget, bedroom decoration or size requirements.

Storage Beds

Storage beds are great for when you're limited for space in your bedroom. Divan beds are another great option as they feature drawers either side of the bed. They are easily accessible, perfect for storing bedding, towels, and clothing. You can find our divan and ottoman beds in range of materials (faux leather, upholstered, wooden and metal) and sizes (single, double, king and king size). The bigger the bed frame you choose, the more storage it will provide.

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Kids Beds

We have a wonderful collection of single beds that would be fantastic for your child's first bed frame. Moving into a big bed can be daunting for young children so ensure you make the transition as comfortable as possible. A single divan bed would be excellent for a child's bedroom as you can store their toys away in the drawers underneath the bedframe.

For teens and young adults, a small double or a double bed will provide sufficient space for them to have a comfortable and supported night's sleep.

If you're short of space and have a large family, a bunk bed will save you masses of floor space. Enabling your kids to have more room to play in their room, a bunk bed will empower hours of endless fun.

Choosing the Right Bed Size

Choosing the right bed size is going to depend on two key factors. Firstly, the size of the bedroom space you have available to situate the bed. If space is at a premium in your home, a single divan bed if going to offer you maximum space saving benefits.

The second factor you should consider when choosing a bed size is your personal preference. This entails considering how much space you need for a good night's sleep within the bed itself.

If you share a bed with your partner, you may require a super king size bed to ensure you both have a comfortable and undisturbed sleep. Whereas, if you only require a bed for yourself, you may be happy in a double size bed.

We all have individual space preferences, there will never be one size fits all. It is important to spend some time browsing the various bed sizes, looking closely at the dimensions so you can get a deeper understanding of your perfect bed size.

If you're still unsure on choosing the right bed frame, get in touch with our team of experts and visit our contact us page.