Double Beds

Double beds can comfortably sleep two people and come with storage solutions if you're short on space. They're ideal for teen's rooms, small apartments, and even a master suite. Explore our range of double bed frames below - there is one to suit every budget and style.

Divan bedsLeather bedsMetal bedsOttoman bedsTV bedsUpholstered bedsWooden beds
Divan beds Simple bed bases often on wheels with storage. Headboards can be added.
Leather beds Upholstered bed frames in smooth, sleek faux leather.
Metal beds Traditional bed frames crafted from metal with a variety of finials to choose from.
Ottoman beds Lifting easily from the base, ottomans offer a roomy storage compartment.
TV beds Modern frames with built-in TVs at the foot end. Rise and lower with a remote.
Upholstered beds Tactile bed frames wrapped in fabric, often padded for comfort.
Wooden beds Sturdy bed frames crafted from wood for a rustic look.
Drawers Handy underbed drawers that are ideal for storing spare bed linen.
No storage Bed frames with no storage compensate with their decorative flair.
Ottoman Lifting easily from the base, ottomans offer a roomy storage compartment.
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How Big Is A Double Bed?

A double bed is 4ft 6inches wide and 6ft 3 inches long. This is slightly wider than a small double bed, which is just 4ft wide. In metric measurements, this equates to 135cm by 190cm. However, double bed frames can extend beyond these measurements to account for any extra detailing within the frame. Be sure to check and match individual measurements to the intended room.

If you need to stick to the above measurements exactly, you're best opting for a double divan as divan beds are designed to sit perfectly beneath the mattress, with nothing jutting out.

Can Two People Sleep in a Double Bed?

Yes, a double bed is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sleeping space suitable for two people. However, if you’re looking to have enough room for two and a bit extra to ensure you don’t bump into each other mid-sleep, a larger option might be better suited. If this is the case, selecting a king or super king option might be more appropriate.

What Are The Benefits Of A Double Bed?

Double beds are real all-rounders. They offer both enough space for comfort and stretching while not taking up as much floor space as a king or super king bed.

As one of the most popular UK bed sizes, double bed frames are also available in a range of types and styles too. So, you can rest assured that whether you need extra storage, luxury comfort, or a bed on a budget, you'll find your dream choice.

What Double Bed Styles Are Available?

Metal Beds

Whether an ornate and classic style or a modern, clean frame, metal bed frames are ideal for a range of bedroom trends. For those looking for a grand style, choose a metal frame with stunning finials and intricate metal-work. For those who want something a little more subtle, look for understated metal curves, giving a chic yet laid-back seventies interior décor feel.

Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds, also known as fabric beds, are available in a range of colours and types. Whether ottoman or divan and in whatever shade to suit your room, you'll find a range of double fabric beds below.

Faux Leather Beds

Faux leather beds offers all the benefits of real leather without the environmental impact or financial cost. Easy to wipe clean and offering incredible luxury and style, a faux leather double bed is ideal for giving your room that little touch of class.

What Types Of Double Beds Are Available?

As mentioned, there are a range of types and styles of double bed. Here, we'll dig into the different types of bed frames before we go on to talk about materials and style.

Divan Beds

With two or four drawers included in the bed frame, double divans are ideal for those looking for a storage bed. With easy to access drawers on either one or both sides of the bed, divans are perfect for those who need somewhere to store items like bedding and out-of-season clothes. For this reason, they're great for those with small rooms or apartments who need to save space. They're also typically the best kind of double bed for those on a budget.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman bed frames offer the most amount of space of any storage bed. That's because the mattress lifts up, allowing the space beneath to be used to hide away any items you see fit.

Most often, people choose to use the extra space to hide away out of season clothes, shoes, and spare bedding, but you can use the space for whatever you deem fit. This extra storage can often help minimize the amount of furniture you need in your bedroom. So, for those with only limited floor space, double ottoman beds are ideal.

Air Beds

Air beds have come a long way since they first appeared on the scene. Quick to inflate via automatic pumps they're great for those who often have guests but don't want to take up a whole room with a bed.

This makes them great for those with open plan apartments too as you can hide away until next time once your guests have left. They also offer great comfort, especially when just for a night or two, and are ideal for those who don't want to pay too much for a bed that's only going to be used every now and again.

If you’re looking for double beds with space-saving capabilities, we suggest you take a read of our complete guide to space-saving beds for more information on what to choose.