Storage Beds

Storage beds are the epitome of value, equally effective as a space‐saver and as a comfortable place to sleep. Designed to maximise floor space, storage bed frames utilise hidden compartments which help to manage clutter and expand all bedrooms. With ottomans and divans available at low prices, a storage bed is the ultimate solution for rooms which are low on space.

Small Double
Super King
Divan beds Simple bed bases often on wheels with storage. Headboards can be added.
Leather beds Upholstered bed frames in smooth, sleek faux leather.
Ottoman beds Lifting easily from the base, ottomans offer a roomy storage compartment.
Upholstered beds Tactile bed frames wrapped in fabric, often padded for comfort.
Drawers Handy underbed drawers that are ideal for storing spare bed linen.
Ottoman Lifting easily from the base, ottomans offer a roomy storage compartment.
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What Is A Storage Bed?

A storage bed is a type of bed which utilises hidden compartments. These compartments can take the form of drawers or of larger underbed storage which is revealed by lifting mechanisms. Perfect for keeping bedding and pillows, or kids toys, out of sight, beds with storage are widely heralded as effective ways to manage mess. They can also be used to house seasonal items or any other everyday clutter as you see fit.

What Are The Benefits Of Beds With Storage?

Value for money is one of the main benefits of a storage bed. Featuring all the plus points of a high quality bed frame with the added benefit of hidden underbed storage, those with smaller spaces can save on the costs of additional bedroom furniture. A real 2‐in‐1 option, storage beds maximise floor space as well as your budget.

As well as offering a space‐saving functionality, beds with storage can also help you relax. Above all else, a bedroom is a place to unwind and put your feet up and keeping it neat and tidy is essential to promoting a calming ambience. A decluttered space is the perfect recipe for fully rested sleep, working wonders for the mind and body in equal measures.

Check out our storage bed guide for more information.

What Storage Bed Sizes Are Available?

Storage is an important factor for all bedrooms, especially in smaller spaces. Whether you’re looking to make the most of a narrow kids room, or saving some cash on bedroom furniture, our storage beds are available in a full range of sizes to suit all requirements.

  • Single Storage Beds – 3ft
  • Small Storage Beds – 4ft
  • Double Storage Beds – 4ft 6in
  • King Size Storage Beds – 5ft
  • Super King Size Storage Beds – 6ft

Types Of Storage Bed

There are two main types of storage bed available – ottomans and divans. While both bed frames utilise underbed storage, the primary difference between the two lies in the method of accessing the hidden compartments.


Ottoman storage beds feature a lifting mechanism powered by gas struts. This allows the mattress to completely raise from the foot or side of the bed, revealing comprehensive underbed storage which makes the most out of this space. Ottoman bed frames are ideal for the narrowest of bedrooms due to lack of opening drawers.

Divan Beds

Divan beds, on the other hand, have drawers underneath the bed. These drawers are deep and can hold plenty of clutter. Choose between two drawer divans, four drawer variations or a continental divan, which features varying drawer sizes.

Are Storage Beds Affordable?

Storage beds are inherently a value option due to their dual‐purpose design. Comprising of divans and ottomans at low prices, our entire range has been hand picked to appeal to all budgets.

Do Storage Beds Come With Mattresses?

Our storage beds are available for purchase as the base only or with a mattress included. A full storage bed and mattress set enhances the value even further, removing the need to go shopping around for a mattress.

As divans and ottomans are designed with the exact width of their respective mattresses, we provide a complete range of sizes to ensure you receive the complete set. Whichever type of mattress you prefer, you can find the ideal sleeping and storage solution for you all in one place.

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