Small Double Beds

Small double beds, also known as queen size beds, are 4ft wide and provide supreme comfort in narrower bedrooms. A space-saving solution where room is at a premium, a small double bed frame maximises the area while offering high levels of comfort. Available in a range of styles and materials, these beds are suited to solo sleepers and appeal to all budgets.

Divan bedsLeather bedsMetal bedsOttoman bedsUpholstered bedsWooden beds
Divan beds Simple bed bases often on wheels with storage. Headboards can be added.
Leather beds Upholstered bed frames in smooth, sleek faux leather.
Metal beds Traditional bed frames crafted from metal with a variety of finials to choose from.
Ottoman beds Lifting easily from the base, ottomans offer a roomy storage compartment.
Upholstered beds Tactile bed frames wrapped in fabric, often padded for comfort.
Wooden beds Sturdy bed frames crafted from wood for a rustic look.
Drawers Handy underbed drawers that are ideal for storing spare bed linen.
No storage Bed frames with no storage compensate with their decorative flair.
Ottoman Lifting easily from the base, ottomans offer a roomy storage compartment.
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Small Double Bed Measurements

A small double bed measures 4ft wide and 6ft 3in long. They are slightly smaller than a double bed making them perfect for bedrooms short of space. Don't worry, small doubles are still roomy enough to sleep couples if you're looking for a budget bed. It can also be a great size for solo sleepers, as the space provides ample room for stretching out and is a significant step up from the confined feel of a single bed.

A single bed measures 3ft wide, while a double bed is 4ft 6in wide. Being 4ft wide, a queen size bed sits comfortably in the middle, hence why you may know a small double bed as a ¾ bed. As they provide that little bit of extra space, they are fantastic for teens who are growing out of their small single.

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Space Saving Solutions

A high value bed option, small doubles are a practical space solution as they aid in making the most out of floor space with their reduced width. They come in a range of storage styles too which provide a place to store away belongings. This makes them popular for box bedrooms and guest rooms.

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Let's take a look at the small double storage bed options below. They're affordable and have a dual-functionality making them a worthwhile investment!

Small Double Divan Beds

Small double divan bases have under bed built-in drawers to allow you store anything from bedding to towels to books! Choose between a 2 drawer or 4 drawer queen size divan. The depth of the storage offered by the drawers will provide ample storage making them great for households with children. You can hide away clutter and toys!

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Small Double Ottoman Beds

Offering even more underbed storage, queen size ottomans fully utilise the entirety of the room below their base. They are operated by lifting the mattress up. The easy-lift bases then reveal plentiful hidden storage space, perfect for keeping numerous items held in one place. By de-cluttering your small bedroom, it will already start to feel larger.

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Small Double Bed Materials

We also have a number of different high quality materials to choose from.

Small Double Wooden Beds

A classic style which evokes homely countryside vibes, small double wooden beds are full of warmth and depth, perfect for creating a relaxing sleeping space. Our wooden beds come in a range of species and colours to align with your interior design vision and budget!

Small Double Upholstered Beds

If you're looking to imprint texture and personality to your room without breaking the bank, you won't go wrong with a small double upholstered bed. Available in a wide selection of fabrics and shades, they're a real style statement. And offer softness and comfort - perfect for resting your head against.

Small Double Metal Beds

Metal is sturdy and robust making it a reliable material. You can't go wrong with a small double metal bed. Whether you're buying as a couple, for a teen or for yourself, it will last you for many years to come and look amazing!

Small Double Value Bundles

We understand that a bed is only as good as its mattress. That's why we offer small double bed and mattress sets at discounted prices. Offering everything you need in one cost-effective package, these sets comprise of a wide range of mattress and bed types to choose from. They'll provide you with the perfect sleeping experience at an unbeatable price.