Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are a popular space‐saver, utilising underbed space with hidden storage compartments. Lifting up to reveal storage space, an ottoman is the perfect solution for rooms with minimal floor space. Our cut‐price ottomans are available in various sizes and styles.

What is an Ottoman Bed?

An ottoman bed is a form of storage bed featuring large underbed compartments. Featuring integrated gas-lift hydraulics, ottomans are operated with a simple lifting mechanism which raise the base to reveal plentiful and deep storage below the surface of the bed itself. Ottoman beds are designed to open either the foot of the bed or from one of the sides and are quick and easy to use.

An innovative storage solution for rooms where space is at a premium, ottomans expand confined sleeping spaces, perfect for narrow areas. Designed for smooth operation, ottoman bed frames combine premium functionality with comfort and luxury, resulting in a multi-functional and high value place to rest your head.

What are the Benefits of Ottoman Beds?

The sizable underbed storage is the main benefit of an ottoman bed. This space-saving feature makes managing clutter easier than before, offering the perfect place to stow away linen and bedding as well as seasonal items. Due to its deeper storage area, ottomans are also adept at keeping heavier items out of view.

Similarly, an ottoman bed frame is a great way to manage the everyday clutter of a bedroom. Particularly useful in children’s rooms, or in spaces such as studio apartments which minimal furniture, the dual-purpose beds offer a convenient place to pop toys and other unsightly items which can make a room look messy.

Take a look at our ottoman bed guide for more information.

What Sizes of Ottoman Bed Frame are Available?

Ottoman beds are available in sizes ranging from small single to super king. This allows their space-saving functionality to be fully utilised in all bedrooms in your home, from children’s rooms to master suites. For a closer look into the dimensions of ottoman beds on offer, the sizes are as follows;

  • Single Ottomans
  • Small Double Ottomans
  • Double Ottomans
  • King Size Ottomans
  • Super King Size Ottomans

Ottoman Bed Frame Materials

Our ottoman bed frames come in two choices of materials – upholstered or wooden. The majority are available in a sleek and stylish fabric upholstery, adding a splash of texture. Available in woven fabrics, there’s a choice of colour for most ottomans, allowing them to seamlessly fit in alongside existing colour schemes and décor.

Our classic wooden ottoman bed frames bring a natural feel, with the choice of oak and walnut available. Offered with an indented headboard, the extra-strong wooden ottoman base is full of warmth and depth, creating a homely, rustic vibe with the same multi-functional storage capabilities of its upholstered counterparts.

How Much do Good Value Ottomans Cost?

Ottomans are available at low prices, allowing you to enjoy enhanced comfort and storage space without breaking the bank. Perfect for all budgets, our ottoman bed frames are a great value bed option. As well as their appealing price, each ottoman frame is manufactured to high standards, ensuring that no corners are cut when it comes to durability and visual quality, offering an affordable and attractive bed.

Are Ottoman and Mattress Sets Available?

Our ottoman and mattress sets make choosing your new bed easier than ever. In a few clicks, you can pair your chosen ottoman bed frame with a high-quality mattress. A cost-effective choice, ottoman bed and mattress bundles give you all the components you need in one high value package.

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