King Size Mattresses

One of the largest sizes available, king size mattresses are 5ft wide and 6ft 6in long. Suitable for rooms with enhanced width, a king mattress is the ultimate in luxurious comfort. Our comprehensive selection of low-cost king size mattresses are on offer in a wide range of styles and firmness ratings.

FirmVery FirmMedium
Hybrid mattresses A mixture of springs plus gel/foam layers for brilliant pressure relief.
Memory foam mattresses Foam that gives a luxurious sinking-in feeling and adapts to your position.
Pocket spring mattresses Springs wrapped in fabric pockets for even bodyweight distribution.
Traditional spring mattresses Spring units with connected springs for great-value support.
Firm Recommended for back and front sleepers.
Very Firm Recommended for back sleepers.
Medium Recommended for side and front sleepers.
Relyon Exceptionally comfortable mattresses you can 'rely-on' with natural fibres.
Rest For Less With a variety of fillings available, each mattress offers great value and quality for money.
Rest n Rise Next generation memory foam mattresses for comfort and support.
Sealy Discover innovative Posturepedic Technology™ for reinforced support and comfort.
Shut-Eye Created for inducing shut-eye, these mattresses have high pocket spring counts.
Silentnight Renowned for their excellent value for money and high customer ratings.
Sleepeezee Discover fine materials such as wool, silk, latex, cashmere and memory foam.
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What Types Of King Size Mattress Are There?

King size mattresses come in numerous types, making them perfect for all sleeping preferences. Whether you’re looking for extra cushioning or something on the firmer side, each type is available in the larger size to provide added width and room to stretch. With a wide range of king size mattress types to choose from, simply match their benefits to your requirements to enjoy a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

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King Size Memory Foam Mattresses

One of the most advance mattress types around, memory foam features viscoelastic materials which gently mould to the contours of the body. Once you apply pressure, the materials responds in kind, softening and reacting to your body shape to provide truly tailored levels of support. If you’re struggling to nod off, a king size memory foam mattress could be the sleep remedy you’ve been looking for.

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King Size Pocket Spring Mattresses

A popular blend of firm support and luxurious cushioning, king size pocket sprung mattresses respond to body movement due to the individually housed springs. Due to this design, there’s no transfer of movement, allowing a couple to sleep side by side without causing any disturbance when tossing and turning during the night. Pocket springs also provide a cooling touch, helping to prevent overheating for uninterrupted quality sleep.

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King Size Traditional Spring Mattresses

Typically the cheapest king size mattress type available, the traditional open spring design is a simple yet effective model. While on the budget side of the pricing scale, this doesn’t mean that they’re low in quality. Our king size traditional spring mattresses are expertly made with reliable edging around its supportive base. Keeping a uniform position throughout the night, open spring mattresses help to promote healthy spinal alignment, particularly appealing to those looking for back pain relief.

Choosing The Right King Size Mattress For You

Once you’ve chosen your desired mattress type, the next step for improving sleep quality is selecting the right comfort grade. This is crucial as it will dictate how much firmness and support you feel. To find the right king size mattress for you, the main consideration is your sleeping position. With a full range of options from soft to extra firm available, you’ll be able to tailor your to choice to personal sleeping preferences.

Those shopping at the softer end of the scale are typically lighter individuals or those who sleep on their side. As soft king size mattresses provide extra cushioning and allow you to sink deeply into the mattress itself, they typically offer the most protection for pressure points such as hips and elbows.

As a middle ground, medium king size mattress are ideal for those who’s sleeping positions tend to vary, giving the benefits of both extremes for adequate comfort and support. This grade is also suitable for those who sleep on their front as it helps to keep the spine aligned in a healthy position throughout the night.

For heavier individuals or back sleepers, firm and extra firm king mattresses is the best way to go. This comfort grade gives the most support to the spine as it provides minimal cushioning and sinking. This type of mattress will send increased levels of support to all the key areas of the body to reduce the likelihood of encountering aches and pains when you wake up.

King Size Mattress To Suit Your Budget

With our carefully curated selection, you can receive a mattress fit for a king without paying over the odds. We focus on value king size mattresses and have picked models which embody exceptional quality at competitive prices. As such, you’ll be able to match a king size mattress with your budget here, making premium bed accessories from some of the biggest names on the market more accessible than ever before.