Divan Beds

Divan beds are the epitome of value, combining sleek fabric frames with underbed drawers for a multi‐purpose bed. Designed to maximise floor space, this dual‐function storage solution is perfect for bedrooms of all sizes. Featuring bases with in‐built storage, divans offer comfort and functionality in abundance.

What Is A Divan Bed?

A divan bed is made up of two parts, comprising of the divan base itself and a matching mattress. A high value choice of bed, divan bed bases are usually fitted with underbed storage drawers with ample space for managing clutter. For ease of movement, the multi-function bed bases usually feature wheels, allowing you to operate them with minimal physical exertion.

Divan bed frames are typically made from a highly durable wood which is then encased in a stylish fabric. The entirety of the range is also compatible with headboards, with many models coming equipped with one as standard. Ideal for anyone looking for an affordable bed and mattress package with added storage functions, fabric divan sets are a great way to save space in your bedroom without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Check out our divan bed guide for further information on this revolutionary sleeping solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Divan Beds?

The main benefit of a divan beds lies in its innovative underbed storage drawers. An ideal bed for those with limited space in their bedroom, or those looking to open their room up even further, divan bed bases are the ultimate space-saver.

Typically taking up less surface area than traditional framed bases, divans are only as wide as their mattress, meaning no space goes to waste. This extra storage space helps to keep the room tidy and promotes a calming environment, without the need for costly and cumbersome furniture and wardrobes.

Divan beds and bases are also incredibly versatile. Guest bedrooms, studio apartments, hotels, standard sized rooms, you name it – whichever room you're kitting out, a divan can fit the bill. Available in a range of sizes, divans are designed to seamlessly integrate into any space and complement all existing décor.

Last, but not least, divan beds benefit from being easy to assemble and manoeuvre. There's no need to be DIY savvy with a simple bed frame, as the assembly process couldn't be more straightforward. They’re also significantly lighter than the heftier bed frames, speeding the assembly process up further.

Divan Beds With Storage Options

Divan beds and bases present you with the option to choose between three storage options. Each option provides underbed storage in the form of drawers. This differs to the lift-up function of an ottoman. Choosing the right divan drawer for you typically comes down to the size of your bedroom and the surroundings of the bed area itself.

2 Drawer Divan Beds

Divan beds with 2 drawers are ideal for narrower bedside areas, or those where the top/bottom are obstructed by cabinets or doors etc. A 2 drawer divan features dual underbed storage located at one side of the bed. This keeps the other side free, perfect for rooms where space is at a premium.

4 Drawer Divan Beds

Utilising the full storage capabilities of a divan bed, this option gives the user 4 equal sized underbed drawers. Well-suited to standard sized bedrooms, the classic 4 drawer divan has all the space you need for managing bed linen and everyday clutter.

What Sizes Are Divan Beds Available In?

Divan beds are available in a full range of sizes. Whether you’re looking for small storage divans for kids, or a luxurious option for a master suite, all bases are covered within our selection. The available sizes are as below;

  • Single Divans – 3ft
  • Small Double Divans – 4ft
  • Double Divans – 4ft 6in
  • King Size Divans – 5ft
  • Super King Size Divans – 6ft

How Much Do Value Divan Bed And Mattress Sets Cost?

Our divan bed and mattress sets are geared towards all budgets, providing a budget divan option which cuts no corners when it comes to quality. Our lowest priced divan bed starts at £120, providing a full divan set for an affordable price.