Metal Beds

Metal beds are a high value way to add modernity and elegance to your room. Coming in a range of designs, metal bed frames give a clean look which is full of depth. Available in all sizes and various colours, there’s a luxurious metal bed to suit all budgets here.

Why Choose A Metal Bed

There are many reasons who you would choose a metal bed. First of all, they’re available in a wide range of designs. A modern design choice, metal bed frames lend come in both muted and quirky designs, offering something for everybody. From regal, swirling frames to more straightforward, traditional metal bed frames, the versatility and varying colour options make metal beds a great choice.

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They're also exceptionally durable. Designed with the capacity to handling substantial weight for many years of use, metal bed frames are a worthwhile investment due to the sturdy nature of the material.

No only are metal beds durable, they also require minimal maintenance in comparison to other materials. Bed bugs can’t penetrate the material, lowering the regularity that it requires cleaning, and the varying finishes and colours are typically extra long-lasting.

What Sizes Are Metal Beds Available In?

Metal beds are available in a full range of sizes. Whether you’re looking for kids metal beds, or a stylish centrepiece for a larger bedroom, there’s a budget bed for you right here. The beauty of a metal bed lies in its versatility, and due to the sheer number of sizes they’re available in, metal beds are a great option for all kinds of bedroom. The available metal bed sizes are;

  • Single Metal Beds – 3ft
  • Small Double Metal Beds – 4ft
  • Double Metal Beds – 4ft 6in
  • King Size Metal Beds – 5ft
  • Super King Size Metal Beds – 6ft

What Styles Do Metal Bed Frames Come In?

Our metal beds come in a whole host of different styles to complement all bedroom styles. From eye-catching contemporary designs, to classic brass bed frames, the versatility of metal beds can create a real style statement in your room.

Due to the seemingly endless number of shapes metal can be moulded into, this material boasts some of the most intricate and innovative bed frame designs on the market. Whether you’re creating a rustic theme with nickel bed frames, or opting for daring gold colouring, our value bed frames come in styles to suit all tastes.

Are Budget Metal Beds Available?

All of metal beds are designed with value in mind. Available at competitive prices, our budget metal beds are on offer for as little as £149. As well as being cut-price, no corners have been cut when it comes to quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for the cash-savvy, these low-cost metal beds offer a winning combination of superb value and quality manufacturing.

Value Metal Bed And Mattress Sets

To get the most value for your money, we also offer full metal bed and mattress sets. Combining your choice of metal bed frame with a high quality mattress, these sets start at competitive prices and make choosing a full bed easier than ether. All of our mattresses are compatible with the full range of metal beds, allowing you to mix and match to meet your requirements. The majority of our metal bed frames also boast integrated headboards, providing you with everything you need for a restful sleep in one package.

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