Silentnight Mattresses

Silentnight are the UK's leading and most trusted bed and mattress manufacturers. Known for high quality, innovative brilliance and exceptional artistry, Silentnight have been rated Britain’s number 1 sleep brand for 15 years offering a wide range of fantastic value mattresses. Chosen by a nation of unique sleepers, there’s no need to compromise on comfort!

SingleDoubleKingSuper King
Super King
Hybrid mattresses A mixture of springs plus gel/foam layers for brilliant pressure relief.
Memory foam mattresses Foam that gives a luxurious sinking-in feeling and adapts to your position.
Pocket spring mattresses Springs wrapped in fabric pockets for even bodyweight distribution.
Traditional spring mattresses Spring units with connected springs for great-value support.
Firm Recommended for back and front sleepers.
Very Firm Recommended for back sleepers.
Medium Recommended for side and front sleepers.
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Why Choose a Silentnight Mattress?

For over 75 years, every bed and mattresses has been carefully handmade by Silentnight’s sleep experts here in the UK. Silentnight’s vast range of mattresses offer unique sleep technology, helping you have the most comfortable night’s sleep at affordable prices.

Silentnight offer a mattress for everybody, from memory foam mattresses to eco-friendly mattresses featuring their unique Eco Comfort Fibres™. The mattresses are available in all UK standard sizes from single to super king, whether you need a mattress for your double Divan bed or small single, you can find the perfect fit in this range. Plus, there is a Silentnight mattress to suit any budget! Silentnight does not compromise on quality for value. Find out more about the different types of Silentnight mattresses below.

What Silentnight Mattress Types are Available?

Silentnight offers a wide range of innovative mattresses, all designed with your comfort in mind. There is one to suit every sleeping style.

Miracoil Mattresses

The Silentnight Miracoil® spring system mattress range offers maximum zonal support and comfort. It has been scientifically proven to improve spinal alignment with an open continuous coil spring system that links together vertically for an ultra-responsive firm support.

Miracoil® Mattresses help to reduce "roll-together" moments with your partner. This makes it the perfect mattress for couples to share a bed with, for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

If you’re prone to a bad back and often struggle with aches and pains when you wake up, then a Miracoil® Mattresses could be the most suited to your sleeping needs. It has been specially designed with firm ratings to target and reduce any discomfort whilst sleeping.

Mirapocket Mattresses

Silentnight’s Mirapocket mattresses contain a special spring system featuring independent small springs accommodated in their own individual fabric pockets. Each spring sits in its individual pocket and distributed across Silentnight’s Mirapocket zonal system. This enables the springs to respond to one another when areas of your body need support.

To ensure you sleep well, each Mirapocket spring helps to evenly spread your weight over your bed. This mattress truly offers an exclusive sleeping experience with personalised support and ultimate comfort. It has been scientifically proven to enhance spinal alignment and posture. Whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper, this mattress suits all sleeping positions.

The Mirapocket technology comes in a wide range of mattresses, which even includes memory foam layers and Silentnight’s Eco Comfort Fibre™ for an eco-friendly option. This range includes single, double, king and super king size bed options.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Silentnight’s memory foam mattresses are one of the most highly recognised mattresses on the market. Known for the innovative responsiveness of the foam material, which intelligently reacts to body heat and moulds around your individual body contour and shapes.

A memory foam mattress can benefit back pain due to its viscoelastic properties that respond to your sleeping position. It can also keep you correctly in position throughout the night, helping to reduce the chance of ending up in positions that cause discomfort and pain when you wake up.

The Silentnight memory foam mattress range offers a variety of sizes and comfort fillings. Browse the collection today for a luxurious night’s sleep.

Eco Comfort Pocket Mattresses

The Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket range is made of sustainable eco-friendly fibres for a breathable and restorative night’s sleep. They have been carefully made in the UK using plastic bottles, therefore they do not cost the earth a penny. Whilst doing this they have helped keep our oceans clear of 105 million plastic bottles.

Whist being made with Silentnight’s Eco Comfort Fibre™ fillings, the mattress offers maximum comfort and superior support. You will be able to move freely throughout the night with three layers of advanced technology.

The natural nature of this Silentnight mattress range means it is ideal for individuals with health concerns and allergies. Plus, these mattresses are perfect for those individuals who are eco-conscious yet still require a high-quality mattress for a peaceful night.

Choosing the right Silentnight Mattress for You

There are two main categories you need to consider when choosing the right Silentnight mattress for you. Firstly, the type of filling you require. This includes looking at memory foam, the Mirapocket zonal system with individual pocket springs or even the Miracoil® spring system.

The second category you should spend some time exploring is the comfort grade of each mattress. Comfort grade ranges from soft to firm and should be chosen by personal preference. However, it is also recommended by sleep experts that you acknowledge your sleeping position before determining your most suited mattress.

For side sleepers, the best type of mattress is one that ensures a soft to medium comfort grade. Front sleeps generally need a firm support to keep their back aligned. A pocket spring mattress or combination mattress would offer a front sleep maximum support. It is suggested that combination sleeps who move regularly throughout the night opt for a medium comfort grade that will support movement.

Do Silentnight Offer Value Mattresses?

Silentnight truly have a mattress for everybody, from comfort grade to value. A cheap single Essentials Value mattress starts at as little as £149. Don’t be fooled by its name ‘Essentials Value’, this range still offers a high-quality night’s sleep with exceptional support and comfort.

At the higher end of the price range, you will find the Silentnight Essentials 1000 Mirapocket Memory Foam Mattress which is £479. Silentnight mattress innovations and qualities made with wizardry craftmanship make them worth every penny.

Silentnight Mattress Warranty

All our Silentnight mattresses come with a 5-year guarantee.

In the unfortunate event of a mattress fault or if you have any concerns, please visit our contact us page and contact our customer service team of sleep professionals. We are always happy to help!